1. Mainsheet Traveler Upgrade

    E32-3 Mainsheet Traveler Upgrade

    A few words first… When I read any “How To” article on-line I’m always cautious about the information especially if it’s from a “non-professional”… me. I’m just a photographer who really likes sailing and repairing / upgrading his boat. So I humbly off this story about how I did some work...
  2. Traveler Controls, improved purchase

    O34 Traveler Controls, improved purchase

    There is regular discussion here on traveler controls and how much "purchase" is sufficient. Stock setup on the 0-34 was a three part purchase on each side, with the free end cleated off to a cam cleat on the inside of each cockpit combing, just above the double turning block. This works well...
  3. E35-3 Traveler Upgrades (Cleats)

    E35-3 E35-3 Traveler Upgrades (Cleats)

    After tackling the Block Improvements (see Blog entry: "E35-3 Traveler Upgrades (Control-Ends & Blocks)", which will add 4:1 purchase, ball-bearing sheaves for friction reduction and added block durability (resistance to "parallelogramming"), and better lead-in for an un-cleated line to aid...
  4. Christian Williams

    Ericson Sea Hood, Maintenance and Removal

    The Ericson sea hood covers the hatch over the companionway when the hatch is open. Such a hood is the easiest way to prevent water from entering the forward end of a sliding hatch, and to protect it from feet, lines and other abuse when open. The hood is made of plywood sandwiched between...
  5. H

    Upgrading to modern traveler on early 70s Ericson 32

    I am looking at purchasing a half-share of an Ericson 32 from the early 70's. I'd appreciate any suggestions for issues to look for in particular with this boat. Also, I'd very much welcome any information about updating the traveler to a modern arrangement. The current traveler has no cars...
  6. footrope

    E38 Traveler Replacement - Harken

    Ending my hijack of Mr. Bugner's Sea Hood thread I've put in about 6 hours of work trying to remove the 20+ screws in the old Schaefer traveler. I have just one more screw left in the starboard side of the seahood before I can remove the track and channel. That one is a bugger because the RT...
  7. D

    80% re-make of E 35 MkII in Hawaii

    Aloha all, just thought I'd post some pics of my re-make of my 1973 E35-II. I bought the boat for $9000 in March 2009 and worked on her for an average of 4 hours/day for almost a year to get her into her present condition. One of the main things I did to make her user-friendly in Hawaii is to...
  8. J

    E32-2 Traveler upgrade.

    I am looking for recommendations on updating the traveler on my 1970 e32-2. I bought the boat this April. The current traveler appears to be original equipment. I have sailed the boat about 15 times and trimming the main under load is quite a chore. The current method is to wrap the sheet...
  9. bigd14

    E27 Traveler

    Good morning. I am trying to figure out a new traveler. I have a mid-boom sheeting setup and I need a new traveler. The original was an apparently straight section of track that was simply bolted onto the curved bridge across the companionway. I spoke to Garhauer and they told me I needed the...
  10. D

    Moving E-35 traveler forward

    Aloha, I have a '79 E-35 that I want to move the traveler to over the cabin (for several reasons, the main one is to allow a full bimini for the cockpit). If you have done this or know anyone who has done it I would like to know how successful it has been (i.e. is hauling the main to...
  11. J

    E-35 traveler

    :egrin::egrin:I have a Ericson 35-3 1987 with the original Schaefer traveler,the wheels are so loose that the car no longer rolls under pressure. I contacted Schaefer about a new car,but they have changed their track so I would need to replace everything ( track and cars ).My question is,dose...
  12. D

    E25 Traveler Replacement

    <TABLE id=HB_Mail_Container height="100%" cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width="100%" border=0 UNSELECTABLE="on"><TBODY><TR height="100%" UNSELECTABLE="on" width="100%"><TD id=HB_Focus_Element vAlign=top width="100%" background="" height=250 UNSELECTABLE="off">I'm considering replacing/upgrading...
  13. F

    Ericson 23 Traveler

    I am the new owner of a 1976 e23, which has the mainsheet attached to a u-bolt on the cockpit floor. Can I get some suggestions about specifications and installation of a traveller? What differences will this make on sailing performance? How hard will it be to install? Where to put it? How...
  14. T

    23-2 Mainsheet traveler conversion

    Apparently, I have one of the few remaining 23-2's without a main sheet traveler. Just a padeye on the cockpit sole. Now that I have a new paint job, bottom paint, new main, and outboard motor, I guess its time to shake the piggy bank again and upgrade the sail controls. So all of you who have a...
  15. ChrisS

    Traveler upgrade

    I'm considering upgrading my traveler, which is the original pin-stop system. I'd like to move the traveler a few inches forward (of its original location just forward of the binnacle) so I can get it out of the way of the autopilot, but that means that the track will span the cockpit...
  16. C

    Relocating traveler from cockpit

    Hey all, I have a question as to how difficult it would be to move my traveler out of the cockpit to over the companionway hatch. As a few of you know already that my boom is already cut down and the helm relocated forward to just in front of the companionway for singlehanded racing and cruising...
  17. S

    Harken Traveler System For Sale

    All: Midrange captive ball traveler system. Includes traveler car, end controls and brand new hi-beam track (48" model#1618). Includes end caps and all mounting hardware. I bought this for installation on my E32 but didn't install it. I have put it up on ebay in the 'sailing hardware & gear'...
  18. F

    Why are there different traveler widths on the Ericson 32's?

    Hi there, I have been shopping for an Ericson 32-3 for a few months now. About 6 weeks ago I looked at a 1986 Ericson 32 which has a traveler which was about 5 or 6 feet wide, or the whole width of the cabin roof. I currently have a deposit on a 1985 Ericson 32 (you can see it on yachtworld...
  19. Mark F


    Does anyone have an effective traveler on an end-of-boom sheeted E27? I would like to use the existing track which is very low profile. Any photos of working end-of-boom travelers would be appreciated. Thanks
  20. S

    Ericson 35 main traveler upgrade

    Its finally FINISHED!!!:egrin: I have been working on the new traveler for my 74 E-35 for some time now and man was it worth it!! Such a dream to use! Look for a very detailed if not all together overwinded and detailed description of the entire process. From tearing out the old to mounting...
  21. Shadowfax

    Traveler Upgrade

    I'm looking to upgrade the moving parts on my '88 E34's traveler. The originial equipment was by Schaefer and the track is 1.25 inches wide, 1.0 inch tall and "I" beam shaped. I called Garhauer to see if there product would fit a Schaefer track and spoke with a gentleman with a pretty heavy...
  22. B

    E-27 traveler

    I am going to be redoing my mainsheet traveler this winter and am looking for some insight. It is a cabin top mount but the alloy chanel has lost all its covering I was thinking of using oak or mohog to replace it and make the travel go 3 to 4 inches further to be able to cheat the main over...
  23. D

    Mainsheet Traveler

    We have a Ronstan 1-1/4" "I-beam" traveler for our mainsheet. The becket on one of the control ends snapped, I need to replace the control end. While I am at it, I'd like to replace the traveler car and the other control end. I want to keep the existing track. According to the Rig-right...
  24. J

    Replace Traveler Track on 30+: Question

    I want to upgrade my traveler on an 1983 Ericson 30+ to a Lewmar. To do this I must remove the original traveler. But most of the bolt nuts underneath the cockpit holding the original Ronstan I-beam track seem inaccessible. Has anyone tried this or have suggestions? Thanks!
  25. Shadowfax

    Traveler / Fiddle Block, E34

    The stock traveler on my E34 is a Schaefer affair that included a Schaefer fiddle block with becket for the lower end of the main sheet system. As the blocks on the boom are all Lewmar Ocean 2 series, I always thought that the Schaefer fiddle block was a bit undersized compared to the Ocean...
  26. L

    New Traveler

    I am planning to replace the traveler on my 1985 35-3. The original traveler is pretty shot and extremely hard to use when you need it most, in high winds. I'm considering a Garhauer MT-2CT. The Garhauer folks at the Annapolis Boat Show said I can just send them my track and they will match the...
  27. R

    New Traveler for '73 E27

    I'm still in the dark ages with my original "no control lines" traveler for my '73 E27. Therefore, I never adjust it. Was going to order a new controllable one from Garhauer, then looked carefully and there is a very slight curve (1/2" over 22" or so) in my existing track. I haven't talked...
  28. G

    end boom mainsheeting and traveler location

    Has anyone moved the mainsheet on an E38 closer to the binnacle? I have a plan all worked out in my devious little head of a way to do it (and have it be temporary/easily changed back) but if someone has a better way, please let me know so I can save some time from the experimentation stage...
  29. C

    E35-2 Replacing OEM Traveler and Track

    Finally grown tired of my original curved track traveler in front of my wheel pedestal and ready to upgrade to Harkin straight track with pullies. Inspected another E35-2 on my dock and noted that they upgraded with a straight track and also installed a stainless bracket below the track for...
  30. J

    Cockpit Traveler

    I am sailing a 1976 E27 "Maggie" with a traveler located directly in front of the steering wheel. I find the convenience of being to handle the sails at the helmsman position quite attractive. I would like to move up to 31+. Which model/year have the same traveler layout as the E27? Thanks...
  31. D

    E27 traveler relocation pros and cons

    I just bought a boom originally built for a Dana 24, to replace the damaged spar on my E27. It is 6" longer than mine, and uses end-of-boom sheeting, whereas, the E27 has mid boom sheeting. I am considering moving my cabin top main sheet traveler to the aft end of the cockpit to accomodate this...
  32. Michael Edwards

    mainsheet traveler arch

    Hey guys and gals, I'm thinking about fabricating a "Hunter" style arch for my 1978 E-32. Anyone have experince with an overhead traveler? I like the look of the foward rake and its ability to accomadate a bimini. I like end of boom sheeting and don't feel that putting the traveler in front of...
  33. R

    Wanted : Sails & Traveler

    E-27 Looking for headsails and a traveler. Possibly a spinnaker too.
  34. D

    traveler brackets for teh hatch area

    I am looking for the brackets that attaches to the traveler over the hatch. When I purchased the boat, the traveler was moved to the stern. I want to restore it to the hatch area and need the brackets upon which the traveler attaches. If anyone knows where I can find them I would appreciate...
  35. R

    End caps for Schaeffer traveler

    The rubber end caps on my original equipment Schaeffer traveler for my '86 E-30+ are rapidly cracking and crumbling from age, salt water and U/V exposure, etc. Does anyone know if replacement caps are available? Thanks, Rob
  36. C

    Traveler Upgrade

    We've been fighting our 16 year-old Schaefer traveler on our 1987 E34 long enough. Now that we're doing a bit of racing, it's time to upgrade. Has anyone out there converted a late model Ericoson (1986 and later) from the original Schaefer traveler to Harken? Any info, insights, parts lists...
  37. P

    25+ Relocating Main Traveler

    Anyone out there have experience with relocating the mainsail traveler on the Ericson 25+ from in front of the companionway to a position on top of the cabin? I am looking for recommendations on a new traveler system (make & model), traveler location, and relocation of tackle on the boom (I...
  38. L

    1973 E-25 Traveler Blocks?

    I know this one's a long shot, but here goes. I've got what I believe to be the original over-cabin, 3/4 boom, traveler system on my 1973 E25, and the sheaves in the blocks are shot. Complicating this, is that I have been unable to find any identifying marks on the blocks other than an "S" or...
  39. T

    Mainsheet traveler, Ericson 30+

    I was thinking of upgrading the traveler car and the cam cleats on my Schaefer mainsheet traveler, which I think is original to the boat. Does anyone have experience which buying upgraded hardware from Schaefer, versus simply replacing the entire system, track and all?