1. Replacing Sideliners

    E32-200 Replacing Sideliners

    What's a sideliner you ask? It's like a headliner, but a sideliner covers the diagonal side portion of the interior of my boat's cabin. I had removed these pieces of vinyl fabric in the process of troubleshooting some leaks. I later determined that the source of my leaks were the leaking main...
  2. jreddington

    Interior Cushion Upholstery Material

    The V-Berth and quarterberth cushions on my 1984 E-28+ have had it with splits in them. The thing is I love the material. It is a dark (but lighter than Navy) blue with white dots. I think it is Ericson original since I've seen this same pattern on Ericsons of that vintage listed on...
  3. M

    washing original V-Berth upholstery covers

    I'm about to throw the orignal V-berth covers in our washing machine. Before I do, I thought maybe I should ask the experts on this board what they think about it. These original covers (1975) look to be in descent shape, and worth keeping. They are backed by vinyl, and I'm not sure how good...