1. Shadsboat

    42" Destroyer wheel with 1" hub

    Have an extra wheel since replacing with folding version. This is a really nice stainless wheel with an excellent rope wrap. Has a 1"hub with spacer washer. First $100 and U arrange pick-up.
  2. Christian Williams

    Yacht Specialties Pedestal Disassembly, with Photos

    (New upload! Yacht Specialties/Merriman binnacle steering manual: https://ericsonyachts.org/ie/resources/merriman-binnacle-catalog.187/ ) (For Edson pedestals: https://backwinded.com/2015/12/07/replacing-the-diesel-engines-throttle-shift-and-stop-cables/) This pedestal is on a 1984 Ericson...
  3. Christian Williams

    Yacht Specialties Installation Manual Available

    I discovered I have the original Yacht Specialties Steering Manual, which covers installation, chain, cables, quadrant, stops, Morse cable control head attachments, and so on in detail. YS is long out of business but was the OE manufacturer for many Ericsons. See below.
  4. S

    Ericson 30-2 (transom rudder) for sale in SF

    Ericson 30-2 (1979) with transom-hung rudder and wheel steering for sale in San Francisco. Good condition - ready to sail. Inboard Yanmar diesel (rebuilt this year); double spreader rig; North sails - less than two years old; self-tailing winches; spinnaker with pole and lines; Harken roller...
  5. B

    Wheel feels sticky while underway

    While I'm underway in my E29 it feels like my rudder is sticky. At the dock it feels free and easy but after a particularly big run in front of a twenty knot blow and accompanying seas all of the sudden it feels like something is wrong. Everything looks fine at the top of the rudder post where...
  6. M

    Free wheel prop or lock it?

    I'm a new owner of a 1987 Ericson 32. I've noticed in the manual that it says to "not" sail the boat with the transmission in forward gear. My question is, does this mean the recommendation is to sail in neutral or reverse? I know that there is a lot less drag on the boat if I sail in neutral...
  7. J

    Bent Wheel

    Our "new to us" E35III has the 42" wheel. I can tell its bent. It work fine, but as I rotate the wheel it puts more or less pressure on the wheel mounted Autohelm ST4000. The flex or deflection appears to be about 1/2" at its maximum. The AP works fine. What do you think? Is there a way...
  8. S

    sail & wheel cover

    main sail cover (14ft x 3ft 9in) and wheel cover (3ft tall x 2 1/2ft) and additional cover (9ft x 3ft). $10 for all 3. stvsem@gmail.com 317-445-2556
  9. P

    Pull-Pull Conduit for wheel steering

    I have a 1981 E 28+ and need to replace part the wheel steering components. Are there any discount marine hardware sources that sell Edson parts? I need the 6' Pull-Pull conduit for my steering cable. Any suggestions as to discount source for the Edson Parts?? Thanks, Phil Schofield...
  10. toddbrsd

    Main Halyard to Cockpit, E-27 (Wheel)

    Looking for some advice, pictures even better. I am considering modification to my E-27, with wheel steering, to bring the main halyard aft for single handing. My initial thought was to buy a winch and locate it within reach, but not sure how necessary that is. I am fairly new to sailing and...
  11. WBurgner

    Retaining Ring - Yacht Specialties Wheel

    Some how the retaining ring forward of my wheel has gone missing. This is the spring clip that the wheel is pressed against when the retaining nut is tightened. Does anyone know the proper size or a replacement source? The axle shaft is 1" diameter. Does Edson have something similar in their...
  12. P

    Stiff wheel steering on Ericson 28+

    Greetings, I have a 1981 Ericson 28+ with wheel steering, that has been very stiff, as in difficult to steer. Feels sort of like the steering lock is on but it's not? It has been this way since I bought it used, and I have just dealt with it till now. I am getting ready to haul the...
  13. Keiffer

    E29 Pedestal and Wheel assemble

    I am looking for a wheel and pedestal assemble for a 1975 E29 bridge mounted. If anyone knows where I might be able to find one I would appreciate the info. Also, anyone who may have installed one any advice you have to share would be invaluable. Thanks Keiffer Atlanta, Georgia
  14. Gmilburn

    Cockpit Wheel Top Dead Center Marking

    Hi all, I want to renew my weaved line on my cockpit wheel that marks top dead center for the rudder (probably not the right term--but I'm hopeful that you know what I mean). The old marker was probably original with the boat--and appears to have been "woven" directly onto the wheel. Anyone...
  15. W

    E 27 Conversion Tiller to Wheel WTB Tiller/Rudder Head

    Anyone out there have tiller parts after converting to wheel on an E 27???? Could really use tiller/rudder head for rebuild on E 23-1
  16. T

    St4000+ Raymarine Wheel pilot problem installing bearing cage

    We hit heavy sea's a month ago, somehow the wheel pilot got engaged and the wheel was turned resulting in the drive ring cracking and breaking, ball bearings popped out everywhere. I have gone through the owners handbook and can't figure out how to get the bearings into their cage and then into...
  17. mherrcat

    What is this on my wheel drive?

    There is no mention of this that I can find in the Autopilot installation instructions or operating manual. It looks like it is for some kind of adjustment, judging from the graduated markings around the edge.
  18. L

    Speaking of Wheel Pilots

    I'm trying to figure out how to install a MK II Wheel drive (S1 Wheel pilot) with a rudder position sensor on my 1988 E 32-200. The problem is the RPS. Has anyone else figured out how to install the RPS over the quadrant? It looks like I am going to have to build a right angle on the aft side of...
  19. L

    Wheel Pilot Install

    I'm getting ready to install a Raymarine X-5 Wheel Pilot on my 35-3. It would be helpful to know from others who have done this where they placed the fluxgate compass and the course computer. For my boat, I think the best location for the course computer is in the starboard cockpit locker, near...
  20. A

    E28 Wheel Upsize

    I am considering upsizing the steering wheel on my '86 E28. The current wheel is a 28" diameter, and I find it difficult to steer from a position where I can see the telltales, waves, other boats, etc. Has anyone put on a bigger wheel? What size works? I am considering going to a 36" or...