winch installing

  1. Running Rigging Redux

    E32-3 Running Rigging Redux

    Spent most of last season finishing up my running rigging re-do that I started the season prior. Reasons for the re-do: 1. Some of the hardware had leaks and needed rebedding anyway. 2. Existing winch placement didn't allow for a full swing of the winch handle with dodger up (both port and...
  2. P

    Repairing a bent winch drum - is it possible? Side question on winch pads and angles

    So, I'm looking to upgrade my E-23 Mk II Barlow 15 winches to something self-tailing. Right now I've got 1 Lewmar 16 CST. I want a matching one, but don't want to pay full price for a new one. I have an option to get another one at a very good price that is in perfect condition in every way but...
  3. Loren Beach

    Orienting a 2 speed winch for Load Direction

    I am puzzled by how to best interpret the Lewmar install instructions for my old set(s) of 46 primaries and 43 secondaries. (They are being reinstalled with new angled risers to cure the occasional override due their being too low on the side deck.) A copy of the original Lewmar manual page...