1. Installing a Manual Windlass on a E32-3

    E32-3 Installing a Manual Windlass on a E32-3

    Why a manual windlass? About sixteen years ago when my “new to me” 1987, E32-3 was looked over by a marine surveyor he said, “What this boat needs is a windlass.” Over the years that followed I looked at many a sailing web site, but mostly this one, exploring ways of installing a windlass on my...
  2. L

    WIndlass not working....

    Solenoid makes clicking sound when using control switch but windlass does not move. Is this a solenoid issue? If so, is there a replacement for a "Quick T503" Solenoid? Thanks, -Javier- New owner of 1976 E29
  3. lonokai

    Lofrans windlass battery

    Hey gang, Sea Star has a windlass which I have never used in the three years I’ve had the boat, apparently, PO had wired the system to have a third battery up in the v-berth locker. There is no battery there now. Do do you think I should use a deep cycle battery there or would a...
  4. D

    For sale: Like New Maxwell RC6-8 1000w Windlass

    Bought but decided to go with manual windlass. Amazing condition. $750 OBO. Located in South Florida. I can be reached at 5616322135. Correction: Maxwell 8-6RC
  5. gadangit

    48VDC Anchor Windlass

    I haven't seen a 48VDC anchor windlass offered by any manufacturer, does anyone know of one? Most offer a 24VDC windlass. My second question: seeing how this is a relatively infrequently and intermittently used system, can I violate all the rules and pick off 24VDC off my 48VDC plant? Can I...
  6. R

    Example of alternate windlass install and chain storage for E38-200

    I read all the windlass posts (including the amazing well done recent installations!) We took a slightly different approach. Our new-to-us E38-200 came with a manual windlass (which was well maintained and works fine for us) and the standard chain locker. The windlass was positioned on the...
  7. Bolo

    Maxwell Windlass parts

    I had the good fortune of winning a bid on Ebay for a Maxwell VW800 windlass. It's used, seen wear but seems to be in good working order. However, it's missing a part. It's the "stripper arm" (part #D3477) That removes the chain from the chain wheel as it comes around. It mounts to the...
  8. R

    Simpson-Lawrence electric windlass

    Simpson-Lawrence Sprint Atlantic electric windlass. New in the box, with Lewmar current breaker, panel switch and foot switch and installation instructions. For sailboats to 35 ft. $900 OBO
  9. Sven

    Installing a Maxwell windlass

    Our manual single speed windlass is beautiful. Using the manual windlass to retrieve our all chain rode is great exercise. Unfortunately, a single speed manual windlass is probably not the safest way of getting out of an anchorage if time is of the essence and you have 300' of chain out...
  10. U

    Anchor Windlass for E35-2

    Has anyone had any experience of the South Pacific vertical Anchor windlass? I am about to run the cables to the peak of my E35-2 and like the idea that these units with their spur gears are not so power hungry as the conventional worm driven type. so I could save a bit on cable size. or, what...
  11. Sven

    ABI manual windlass info ?

    Do any of you have this windlass ? Am I right in assuming it is single speed ? At the only speed I've found it only raises the anchor by about 4" per stroke which is REALLY slow if you are just reeling in 6 out of the 7 parts of scope. Do any of you happen to know where there might be a...
  12. u079721

    E38 with Windlass

    I spent a few days in Bayfield, WI last week, and walked the dock at some fancy marina where I must have seen at least 10 Ericsons, including two 38s. I noticed that one of them had a windlass mounted, something that you don't see very often. Looks pretty nice. But then I walked...
  13. B

    E-38 Windlass Install

    Hi there, We are new owners of an E-38 and are wanting to install a windlass. The anchor locker scenario is new to us as our old boat had access to the windlass from below but no anchor locker. If anyone has pictures of a completed project we would very much appreciate the input. What...
  14. J

    Windlass on a e-35

    Has anyone installed a windlass on an E-35, Mk III? If so would like to get your thoughts and ideas. Thanks, John Wressell Stamford, CT
  15. S

    installing a windlass

    i'm sailing a 1985 e-38 and have been thinking about a windlass. i'm almost sure someone out there has done this before. My boat has the typical anchor locker with a fiberglass hatch cover. how do I install the windlass in this area so that I can still use the anchor locker to store the rode...
  16. B

    Need help with modifications tankage windlass refrigeration and bimini

    I expect to complete the purchase of Windfall, a 1990 38-200 over the next week or so and bring it home from Rhode Island to St. Croix. The boat is wonderfully equipped but needs modifications in several areas to accommodate its new Caribbean home and some owner needs. I hope some of you can...
  17. D


    Has anyone installed an electric windlass on an e38-200? If so, which type did you go with and where did you locate it?
  18. E

    E34 Windlass Wiring

    We've decided to put a windlass on our 1988 E34. In trying to plan the wiring routing, I've hit the great unknown are under the moulded V-berth lockers. I'n not sure what is on either side of the large locker under the middle of the V-berth. It appears that there is a plywood bulkhead on the...
  19. R

    Anchor Windlass

    I've read the many threads on this subject. I intend to replace the horizontal Simpson Lawrence manual windlass mounted just aft of the anchor locker on our 1989 E34 with a power windlass. The manual works fine but is difficult to operate while tailing the chain, really needing a second person...
  20. C

    E38 Windlass

    We're considering installing a windlass in the anchor well of our E38. I'm favoring the Lewmar Pro Series 1000H ... does anyone have any experience with this installation? Haven't bought one yet just thinking. Is that unit powerful enough? I'm also thinking that I'll need to build a new...
  21. clohman

    Windlass Installation for Ericson 32-III [Master Thread]

    I read the previous threads about installations for the 38's with shallow anchor lockers, and Tom Metzger's nice install on his 34. Any help on the following would be appreciated: My 32 has a very deep anchor locker - enough for 30' chain, 300' nylon, 1 danforth and a 5 gallon diesel can. My...
  22. rotorhead

    Ericson windlass as an option

    Hello there... Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving... I am interested in installing a windlass for my E380 next year. I noticed that my anchor locker pan is shallow, so installing a windlass will require some fabrication. Another alternative I think would be to install the windlass on...
  23. Mikebat

    Install a windlass on my anchor locker hatch?

    Check this message in another thread: The last photo in that post, the one with all the Vikings standing on the dock, shows an Ericson in the foreground that seems to have a windlass installed in the forepeak anchor...
  24. B

    Windlass, finally

    well, I've finally done it. After five years of dragging a 35 lb anchor and 50 ft of chain up by hand, I have bought the electric windlass. OK, the wire for this thing could cable a bridge. What's the best place to run this thing, any suggestions (Ericson 35-2). I guess I could run it through...
  25. mark reed

    E38 anchor windlass

    There has been some recent discussion of anchor windlasses on the E38 owners listserv, and some people asked me to post pictures of the installation on my boat (done by the PO). If anyone else wants to see the pictures, they are at
  26. E

    ericson 38 windlass

    What solutions have been found for installing a windlass on an older ercsion 38 My hull number 30 only has the shallow anchor locker of about 8-10" :esad:
  27. G

    E34 Electric Windlass Retro Fit

    Retro fitting an electric windlass Has anyone installed or seen a power windlass installed that will work well with the on deck chain locker Ericsons have? All the power windlass I have seen (vertical & horizontal) are made to feed/guide the chain to a below deck locker. It seems as a...
  28. C

    Simpson Lawrence anchor windlass

    I have a 19 year old vertical Simpson Lawrence anchor windlass (model Volans or Dorado) mounted on my E38. It needs some work but I don't have the owners manual or instructions or any technical data. It is no longer listed on the Simpson Lawrence web site. Can anyone help me get this info...
  29. B

    Anchor Windlass for E-29

    Has anyone installed a electric or manual anchor windlass on their E-29? Thanks much Bobg
  30. J

    Need Windlass Advice

    Is it possible to add an electric vertical windlass to an Ericson 38 without extensive (expensive) structural changes to the bow? I am told the hatch is too big and the locker is too small for any reasonable modification. I would appreciate any suggestions. Thanks. Jeanne :) Smooth...
  31. E

    The Right Windlass

    I have seen a few E-38's with a windlass which fits nicely in the anchor locker. Does anyone have the model number Brand? thanks
  32. noproblemo2

    Simpson Lawrence Windlass??

    We have a Simpson Lawrence Windlass, Bolans 12 volt, that is in need of a new motor. I have searched everywhere to find one, if anyone has any clues where I can find this I would appreciate it. The emails I send to the company keep coming back. Thanks