1. C

    Leaking Portlight

    Hi All, Hope everyone is doing well! I wanted to reach out and get some expert advice on how to fix my leaking portlight. About a week ago we got some heavy rain and I noticed a very small drip coming from my portlight. The leak seems to be coming through the area between the glass/acrylic...
  2. B

    Cleaning and polishing metal window frames

    Anyone have any suggestions on how to get a like new shine on my original E35 window frames. I assume they are aluminum. Not sure. The windows don't leak so I'm not sure I want to replace them but I know new ones would really make the new deck pop. Any suggestions? Thanks
  3. D

    window bezels

    I read a thread a few years ago about how to make our window bezels shiny bright. (wet sand w/400, then again with 600 grt and finally Never Dull). It worked great and I've had many compliments and some even thought they were stainless. As I was proudly finishing the last one, 1 of the old salts...
  4. M

    E27 Leaky Window

    I recently purchased a 1976 E27 and it has a leaky window, it’s the small window by the head. Is this reseal able or does it need to be replaced and if replaced where can I find this?:confused:<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p>
  5. Joliba

    Lewmar portlight screens

    Does anyone know of a source for replacement screens for the old style Lewmar portlights on an E38-200? My 1988 boat has 12"x5" portlights. I'd appreciate any advice. Mike Jacker
  6. I

    Fixed window replacement

    I am in the process of replacing the "glass" in the fixed windows on my Ericson 38. I have the windows out of the boat. Now I want to take the split frames apart. This is where I am running into difficulties. I am having trouble getting the frames apart. Any advice on what has worked for...
  7. F

    Small Window - 4 available, 6 Stantion bases

    I replaced my 4 small ports with opening Lewmars. Three of the old fixed ones are ok, the 4th slider out of the bathroom is a bit corroded. I also have a bunch of that small gasket, grey. Didn't have great luck using it on the big windows.... going to switch to sealant. I also have 6 life...
  8. learking

    E29 Small window replacement

    Has anyone replaced the original portlights on an E29 with new units? I pulled out the small salon portlight (14"x6") yesterday. So far I've located two vendors: Lewmar and New Found Metals. Both companies make a window that is close in size to the original and screened. I prefer an openable...
  9. learking

    E29 Window gaskets

    Am resealing leaky windows and would like to replace original gaskets. Removed one yesterday. Does anyone know the manufacturer of this gasket or where a replacement may be purchased? There are two gaskets. The one which surrounds the plate glass definitely needs replacement. It is a...
  10. Cory B

    Repairing Rip in Dodger Window

    Hi all, We noticed today a tear about 1 ft long in our dodgers front plexiglass window. The dodger is only about a year old, and was perfectly fine last week, so we're a little stumped about how it came to be, but thats not what I wanted to ask about. What I wanted to ask, is there a good...
  11. Rob Hessenius

    E-25 CB Third Window Question

    I know there are some 25's CB's out there that people have added a third window similar to the 25+,27, 29's. My question is what size have you added or have on your boat? I want it to be propotionate to the main cabin lights. I know one light will be in the head and opposite, above the...
  12. bigtyme805

    Head Window Replacement need advice for 30+

    I want to replace my Port Window on the head side. I need help. Does anybody know a good replacement window that would fit the old one? The glass is cracked but not leaking yet. I want to keep the same look and of course that means aluminum. Does anybody know the cutout size for 1985 E30+? I...
  13. Captain Crunch

    Head window replacement

    Looking to replace the sliding head portlight with a sealed unit... I have access to lewmar products. Do they offer a standard portlight size that fits or almost fits an Ericson 35 1974.
  14. R

    Window channel anyone?? Solar Vent??

    Hey folks - I have an E29 '76 with leaky ports, tried to email Gareth Harris as he used to have some of the Lewmar channell for the tempered glass windows but the email got returned. Anyone know how to contact him or of another good source for the channel and gasket???? Also I'm looking to p;ut...
  15. Chris Miller

    Looking out my window...

    Just looking out the window from my home office... Hmmmmmmm:jollyroge :unsure: Chris
  16. J

    Gasket Installation on Window Ports

    I received new window gasket material from Gareth, and am struggling to install. The two halves of the frame come within about one inch of mating, but no closer. I've tried using liquid soap as a lubricant, tapping gently with a rubber mallet, and everything else I can think of. The gasket...
  17. R

    1983 E38 window seals?

    Hello All, I have search the posts looking for the rubber weatherstripping for the fixed windows on my 1983 E38 but I cannot find the specific answer I need. I have one leaking window. By window I mean the aft-most fixed windows, the larger ones, two per side, in the cabin top. Not the...
  18. F

    Aft Cabin Port Window convert to Porthole

    In the Caribbean, it gets hot in the aft cabin. I'm thinking of replacing the port window just above the closet on my 1986 38-200 with a porthole my guests can open. Has anybody done that, or does anyone have advice on that or can you suggest the best place to get an aftermarket porthole? fz
  19. R

    Window Replacement

    I want to change our windows to Lexan. Same as posted under Owner Projects. I was wondering what the long term outcome has been for anyone that has done this? Have they gotten scratched or cloudy over the years? Any leaking problems? About how much larger it the lexan than the window...
  20. B

    E-27 window leaks

    I am sure I saw a listing for replacement fixed window gaskets but I do not seem to be able to find it on search. Does any one remember where it was available. May be am just having a senior moment (far to young for that). I have found the tape for the frame to cabin seal, but not the glass to...