1. B

    Winter Cover Ericson 34 or 35

    This is a boom tent type cover that needs no frame, heavy canvas. Has many cringles in place for proper tie down. Canvas is a bit musty but not terrible and still quite firm, 5 small holes have been patched with tape. Bow section measures 108 at bow end, 214 at mast end, 210 down centerline, 212...
  2. D

    Looking for E38 Winter Cover

    Anyone have one for sale?
  3. J

    Winter storage cover for E28?

    Hi all, I've just purchased a 1984 28+ and live in the Northeast. I'm interested in saving some $$ over the winters by investing in a custom canvas cover for winter storage, and am wondering if anyone out there happens to have a pattern/design for such a cover (or where I might find one)...
  4. CSMcKillip

    Winter Checklist

    This will be my first winter with our boat, well really the second winter, but I am going to do al of the winterization. I was wondering if there is a general chcklist of items to go over and lube before putting the boat up for the winter. She will be stored on the water in her slip. Engine-...
  5. E

    Winter Safety - boat checks etc.

    It seems every year I read in the local paper about 2 or 3 folks going in to the water while doing winter boat checks, and tragically, these almost always end in death. Last winter, I swung by Emerald during the middle of a work day to do a quick check, and had a close call. One minute I was...
  6. E

    Winter Gloves

    Anyone have a favorite winter sailing glove they would recommend? Something water proof as well as warm?
  7. J

    Winter mast take down

    Curious how many of you pull your mast for winter storage? On our '83 E35, Mk III we always do. The thought being that leaving it up doesn't do the mast step any good as the boat is not free to move in the water and you you can inspect it for possible problems. John Wressell Stamford, CT
  8. A

    Winter storage cover

    Does anyone know of a company that makes winter storage covers for an E27? I plan on doing some deck work next year and would like to protect the investment from the Northern Minnesota winters. Thanks:confused:
  9. Rob Hessenius

    A Way To Solve The Winter Blues

    It has come that time of the year when most of us have tucked our boats away for the winter and are already craving to be out sailing again. A year ago I started to look around for ways to feed my sailing addiction and stumbled across the crazy world of virtual racing. I was very surprised at...
  10. larossa

    Winter Storage for Instruments Up North

    I was curious if there would there be any advantage to removing my instruments for the winter months. We get some fairly cold winters up here in Michigan. I was most concerned with the compass. Will the cold weather affect this instrument in anyway? Thanks, Brian E31C Nemo
  11. W

    Winter Covers

    Anyone know where one could find expert opinion regarding dos and don'ts of winter cover tie-down? New marina management has produced a winter storage agreement that states covers shall not be tied down to cradles, trailers, and jackstands. I understand the latter, but not the former situation...
  12. Bolo

    Haul out for winter or not

    I am wrestling with the question of either to haul out for the winter, as I've done with the two boats I've owned over the last eight or so years, or "winter" in the water. I'm located in the Annapolis, MD area and the water has not really frozen in my neck of the woods for a long time. A lot...
  13. Lucky Dog

    boat is covered, still winter condensation in the bilges

    Last winter was my first year with E35II. I covered the entire boat with a single tarp. When I took the cover off there was water in the bilge and on the south facing side shelves in the bow and a galley. Can there really be 2 to 3 inches of condensation living in the north? ml
  14. D

    winter condensation ending up ( frozen ) in the bilges

    It's getting on towards winter here on Lake Erie and I am still trying to find the source of the above situation. I'm not having a problem during sailing season just winter. I'm wondering if my black mast is freezing any moisture inside the mast at night and thawing in the sun during sunny days...
  15. Tom Metzger

    Storing Batteries on board for the winter

    For the first time this winter I have stored my batteries on board at 44*N latitude, about forty miles south of the Canadian border. Today I drove up to take a look at the boat, check the stands, and charge the batteries. I had switched off both banks and separated the paralleled house bank on...
  16. S

    Winter weekend on Santa Cruz Island

    Hello all Vikings I just had to share some shots of On Porpoise out at yellow banks anchorage on Santa Cruz Island. The week preceding this weekend we knew thaht we had a good weather window for an overnighter at the island. What we werent prepared for was just how nice it was going to be. A...
  17. M

    Is winter half over yet? I want to go to Door County!

    Being a newbie at cruising (recently purchased a 27 footer), I'm wondering what daily passages I could expect to make (assuming decent weather) from Waukegan, IL to say Sturgeon Bay, WI. I'd take a sheltered harbor nightly to get rest and also seek safety. I'm thinking: Waukegan, IL -->...
  18. Lawdog

    winter rendezvous Port, ME

    For those hardy individuals that want to make the trip to Portland, Maine, this January19, 2008, MEOA is having its winter rendezvous at the Holiday Inn by the Bay. contact for more info. we usually have a celebrity designer present.
  19. obiwanrazzy

    Winter and wet bilge

    I'm wondering if anyone bothers to put anything in their bilges to guard against freezing. The "sump" portion of my E27 keel always has some water in it. Last year (before I had a boat), I noticed that our marina did freeze over when we had a nasty cold spell.. Since the water in the bilge is...
  20. E

    Keeping warm and dry in winter sailing

    So, as I'm squeezing out a last few sails on the Chesapeake, I'm wondering what you all do to keep warm and dry? I've been layering with traditional materials e.g. cotton and wool, which is great until you get wet. Anyone have a special combo of synthetics they've found works well in the...