1972 Ericson 27 located on Lake Ontario - $1500


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I’m trying to sell this boat. My husband is active duty military and we have to move again and are just trying to sell it without paying winter storage one more time. Located on the north end of Lake Ontario. Please please if you know anyone who wants an Ericson 27 send them my way or if you need any parts and it’s worth the hassle please let me know!! I know it’s priced low. Videos of interior available upon request.

Includes anchor, roller furler, needs new furling head sail, 2 hank on head sails are included. Draws 4.5” Main is sailable but seasoned. Battened main. Brand new upgrade to 3 bladed prop to reduce prop wash and increase power. All cushions included. Includes cushions for cockpit. Brand new tiller. 2 brand new batteries. 1 house dual purpose and 1 starter. All cabin lights are brand new LEDs. Electric head. Needs new water pump for sink. Brand new manual bilge pump. Tubing for electric bilge pre installed. Water and waste tanks under forward berth. Atomic 4 gas engine. Includes magma grill, air scoop, bimini, electric tiller tamer, fenders, and docking lines with snubbers. Current on storage fees. No prior surveys. Sold as is where is. Buyer to arrange shipping if desired.


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You're a stone's throw from my folks' summer home on the St. Lawrence in Cape Vincent. Have sailed/boated out of Chaumont and the surrounding area before. Love it up there. I'd have been all over this offer last summer. Am forwarding the info to a couple people I know that might be interested. Good luck - with the sale and the deployment.