1976 Ericson 36C

Pappy Der

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Howdy. Im new to site here and been enjoying browsing through some posts. Excellent resource here folks!! So a good friend of mine has a pending offer on a 76 Ericson. He’s looking at it this week with a surveyor and I’ll be doing the work on it (if it needs any ) Looking through the listing photos this leak was the main red flag for me Ughh. Would anyone know how the decks were built back then? Balsa, foam, plywood or solid glass? Thanks for any info E4682C3A-64BD-4CF9-899D-4D21F24B79E0.jpegBA002CE4-DCDE-4394-B633-1C749EDD411F.jpeg

Brass Dragon

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The pic you show is right below the bridgedeck. The decks on my 36C have 1/2 plywood core. Does the boat in question have teak decks on foredeck and cockpit? My boat had the factory teak decks which were fairly thin and put down with sheet metal screws and a bit of zigzag of sealant. These were unending source of leaks so I removed them.