1981 Ericson 25+ with 1999 Honda 15hp 4-stroke outboard, on trailer, in beautiful condition


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1981 Ericson 25+ Sailboat with 15hp Honda Outboard & Trailer – Beautiful Boat!

Description: The Ericson 25+ is a very well-built, seaworthy, and surprisingly roomy craft (as much interior space as some 30-footers), designed by famous yacht designer Bruce King. Despite being only 25+ feet long, this is a serious sailboat (one of the original “pocket-cruisers”). Ericson sailboats are recognized around the globe as very well made and nice-sailing boats, a perfect combination of heavy/quality-build and performance. The Ericson 25+ offers a unique combination of a tidy exterior package and surprisingly commodious interior, with standing headroom, a v-birth, an enclosed head, a roomy main cabin with a pull-out double bed, and an aft quarter-birth (Sleeps 5.5). This boat is at-home on large lakes and could even be used to island-hop in the Caribbean (many have and the original owner was planning just this).

The boat’s name is Spirit and she’s been in the same family since new. She spent the first part of her floating life in Georgia on lake Lanier, several years in Maryland on the Chesapeake Bay, and most recently on Hartwell Lake in South Carolina. The boat belonged to my in-laws who lovingly restored her around 20 years ago and recently decided to get out of sailing for good. I then put her on a trailer earlier this year and performed another minor restoration, including new interior trim-work, a new “plasteak” synthetic (vinyl plank) teak and holly sole (will never rot!), a fresh tune-up on the outboard, new bottom paint, all new hatch seals (no leaks!), and several other odd-and-ends. The companionway doors are brand new, hand-crafted by a local artisan, as is the tiller (see pics). She has nice sails, including mainsail and a furling genoa, a matching canopy that covers the cockpit. There is a marine toilet with an onboard waste-holding tank, an onboard water tank. She has two deep-cycle marine batteries (with a selector switch) in great shape with an onboard ac-powered battery charger. The galley is equipped with its original stove, plenty of storage, a deep cooler, and a sink. There are plenty of extras, including life vests, floating cushions, bumpers, ropes, a portable propane stove, etc.). All of the interior lights and systems are functioning properly (new bulbs, etc.). You could sleep aboard immediately, and fall is coming soon (awesome sailing and camping weather).

The original outboard engine was replaced around year 2000 with the current 1999 Honda 15hp 4-stroke outboard with electric start and pull-start (model = BF15A, serial = BAAL-140070), which starts quickly, and runs great. I recently replaced the carburetor (chasing an annoying idle issue), the cdi box (ignition), and the spark plugs. The engine runs like a champ, with no known issues, and is ready to cruise right now.

The boat had two complete epoxy barrier coats on the bottom and has zero blisters as a result. The current bottom job was completed only a couple of weeks ago at Bigwater Marina here at lake Hartwell and has not been in the water since, so the bottom is in perfect condition and ready to go.

The upholstery was completely refinished around 2000, was kept indoors when the boat was not in use, and is in fantastic condition.

Issues: There are minor nicks, dings, scuffs, and scratches, consistent with her age, but nothing major cosmetically and nothing that detracts from her overall looks. Some of the hatches are hazy and there’s a normal amount of gelcoat crazing on a few spots on-deck. There are no major issues in need of immediate attention.

Boat Value: NADA.com shows the average book value to be $10,350 as-appointed and without the trailer (see screen-shot). There are certainly cheaper 25-ish-footers, but not many as well-built and in as good condition. I’m asking $10,900 for the boat alone since it’s in above-average condition and may consider a bit less if it doesn’t sell quickly. If you want the boat and trailer together, I’m asking $12,900. I have set the reserve price lower than this value.

Trailer: The trailer is worth $2,000 or more. I know this because it took me a great deal of time to find the trailer. I will take what I paid for it: $2,000 and not less. It will be very easy to re-sell the trailer for this price, so you can almost consider it a free rental (with deposit) – sailboat trailers are in great demand. I'll even buy the trailer back from you for $2,000 if desired, since I have no doubt it will sell alone. If you decide to keep the boat local (on Hartwell lake), then I will sell the boat separately (i.e. without the trailer). I will not sell the trailer before the boat. The condition of the trailer is fair – it’s functional, but not beautiful. One of the tires is a bit dry-rotted, which I will remedy if you need to take it a long distance, but it’s no biggie for local use. I bought the trailer in Atlanta and drove it empty a couple of hours home with no issues. I’ve only used it locally with the boat on it.

Transportation and Storage: If the boat is to be launched and kept on Hartwell Lake, then it can be launched by the same marina who took it out of the water and did the bottom-job (Bigwater Marina – not far from my property – I can deliver it there no problem). If you desire to take the boat to a different body of water, then you will need to arrange to have the mast raised and rigged (some have figured out how to do this on their own, which you can find via web search, but I have not attempted such). The boat is currently on its trailer on my property. There are several local marinas and a sail-club that offer dry and wet storage (dockage) on Hartwell Lake if desired, and if you have property here, you can tie it up to your own dock (this is what my in-laws did).

Trades: Trade or trades considered, but cash preferred. If suggesting a trade, please clarify whether suggesting a straight/even trade or a trade plus cash. I like all sorts of things of value, but mostly prefer things that go (cars, trucks, boats (motorboats and sailboats), personal watercraft (jet ski’s), rv’s, travel trailers, campers, planes, motorcycles (Harleys and foreign), atv’s (quads, side-by-sides, etc.), tractors, skid-steers, etc. etc.).

Questions: I’m sure I’ve left some details out, so feel free to ask and I’ll answer to the best of my ability. We can speak by phone and/or in-person inspections are welcome.


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Hi, I've lowered the price of the boat alone to $8500 and the trailer is still $2000, or $10,500 for the boat and trailer.



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Hi, Spirit has been sold. I have no idea how to delete this post, but if someone does, feel free or let me know how to.

May she float forever with her new owners!


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Hi, Spirit has been sold. I have no idea how to delete this post, but if someone does, feel free or let me know how to.

May she float forever with her new owners!

I can delete it if you really want it done, but it is a great photo record and narrative for that model that other owners and potential owners will appreciate going forward.
I hope that the new owner will log in here regularly.
Take care,


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I'm the new owner of Spirit. She has been sailing on Watauga Lake in NE Tennessee since we picker her up from Micah. The boat has been everything that has been said. She is solid, reliable and fun to spend time on.

Thanks Micah


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This probably isn't the right forum but would you comment on your experiences with mast stepping?

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Welcome, Micah.

A good place to continue the discussion of mast stepping is the thread below. The forums work best when we use Google Search to locate an existing thread on the topic, and then update it. Any new comment pushes the thread to "new" status. Updating existing threads keeps all the information together.

Also, for newcomers: Do put your boat model and engine information in the Signature line. It helps draw responses from members who recognize the issue and saves other from looking up your profile.

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