1983 Ericson 35-3


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Hi there! I’m new to this and I’m in the process of purchasing a 35-3, haul out and survey scheduled for next week. I’ve been looking at many boats over the last 7 months and settled on this one. Look over the basics on 3 different walk throughs trying to be thorough. I am primarily concerned about the floating sole just starboard to the mast. I’ve read about possible grid fractures? What costs might be involved in fixing this issue if it is a cracked grid? Are there any other issues I may not have found during my research? I look forward to hearing from all of you. Thank you in advance.


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My E35-3 had a 12"x9" soft spot just forward and starboard of the forward dorade/vents. Successfully used Injectadeck to cure the problem which you can follow along by doing a search "Injectadeck" on this forum. The leaky dorade caused several minor water spot problems in the cabin which have been corrected. Used 2 part epoxy inside the dorade to cure the leaks. The original sole is presently going through a replacement with solid 3/4" marine grade holly/teak ply sealed bottom and edges with penetrating epoxy and topped with high gloss varnish. The original veneer sole was delaminating badly in several areas.

Hopefully while your boat is on the hard, you will have the bottom recoated and replace any thru-hulls that are questionable. Your survey should give you a complete review of all that needs done and verify whatever improvements/repairs the PO revealed.

Perhaps other E35-3 Captains will share their thoughts. Terrific sailboat...in my opinion the E35 is the best all around for my requirements and abilities. Ericson's are without a doubt, the cream of the sailboat crop and this forum is hands down incredible. Where is your home port/marina?

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Welcome to the site!
I have never heard of fractures in the grid unless the boat was involved in a destructive crash. One of the posters here has the same hull (Ericson 34-2) and nailed a rock pinnacle at 6 kts - put a small divot in the bottom leading edge of the keel and did no harm to the interior grid or hull - verified by inspection later.
Those are well engineered hulls.
Not sure what you are referencing when you say "floating sole". Can you provide a sellers link? And attach any photos you have and are seeking comment on?

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Yes, the grid on some some E35-3s cracked directly under the mast step. It should be obvious if you pull up the floorboards, and take a look. Ericson had a recommended fix of reinforcing with aluminum plates. It's a pretty simple DIY fix, provided the mast is out. And if it hasn't cracked by now, it probably never will. I've never heard of any other grid-related failures problems except that one.

For what it's worth, we really like ours.

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If you're still interested after the survey, take photos of any issues you find and report what the surveyor said.

Every issue has been encountered here, and just about all of them successfully fixed.