1987 E-34 Going to be listed soon

Tom Metzger

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It is unfortunately getting to the time when we retire from sailing Xanthus. Somehow our advanced youth has caught up with us. In the next couple of weeks I'll be talking to a broker, but I thought I would give my Ericson family a shot at it beforehand.

It is located on Lake Champlain on the New York side and has been in fresh water since I bought it in 1996. The lake is accessible by canals to the New York harbor and the Atlantic Ocean to the south, and the Great Lakes to the west.

I haven't taken "cleaned up" pictures yet to go with the listing nor completed the equipment list, but if anyone has interest please let me know.

tometz11 at gmail.com


Kenneth K

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Say it isn't so. Someone's gonna get a turn-key Ericson beauty out of this deal.

Just promise to keep active on this site with that witty, sardonic, and usually spot-on commentary.

I say "usually spot-on" because I'm still not convinced that yellow wires don't carry more current than red ones....
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That is exactly why I never switched to yellow wires for the negative.
Agreed...but I use the yellow wire for both + and - ! That has seemed to equalize Reddy Kilowatt..and I don't have to label the connections. I buy yellow wire in bulk 50# balls, save a lot of $$'s.


the boats looks like it is very well taken care of. I am fairly new to this forum and have followed some of the threads. Unfortunately I am in Hawaii. Do you have a sales figure in mind? I might be tempted to leave her in NY, until I can sail her back, at least down to Fl or TX, as I am planning to retire next year.

Thank you.
Joe Hillje