1990 Olson 911SE for Sale

Ed Valente

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After 20 years of prideful ownership it’s time to part with Dionysus.
More information and Pics to follow. Asking 29k.
Feel free to PM me with any specific questions.



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G Kiba

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Someone is going to be very happy with that boat!
Best of luck to you Ed. I am pretty much decided that my 911 will be my last boat.


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Wow, if looks could kill I would be dead in the water. Beautiful boat.

Loren Beach

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Chicago. Otherwise I'd tell all my pals here.
I could say the same about my friends here, too!
There are presently four Olson 34's in Portland, and one (that I know of) Olson 911s. These designs were decades ahead of their times regarding speed and accommodation. (Strictly IMO)

Love that hull's deep blue shine!
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Best of luck with the sale Ed. I'm sure you'll find a great new home for Dionysus. I hope you continue visiting us on this forum and on the O911 FB group.

Every time I see a picture of Dionysus, I wish I could justify painting my boat that color... it's just too darn hot on the Chesapeake for a dark blue boat.

Ed Valente

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All the positive comments make it that much harder to part with.
In Chicago we call the color “tactical blue”. Hotter during the day? Yes. But provides concealment for night excursions while “in range”


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Same here - if you were closer to the Eastcoast, I would send this out to many people. I think the $29k is a great deal and I would not imagine she will be on the market long. Besides, to sell a beatiful and quality sailboat like that, you must have better plans ahead.
Good luck and thanks for the info you provided me earlier this week.