2020 PNW Rendezvous planning discussion


Member II
It looks like we are gathering a lot of interest in the rendezvous! As many of you know this is my first time attending and planning. I am hoping for a bit of a discussion around some of the activities. I understand in the past there has been a few items gathered for prizes, a guest speaker, and a potluck? There was also a boat info sheet folks filled out when they arrived with some boat details?

It would be good to start to generate some ideas on what this year could include. I have a few ideas below, let me know what you think.
  • Speaker:
    1. cruising, sail technique, boat maintenance
  • Prizes:
    1. Criteria with votes for the prizes or we just draw for prizes
    2. Donations: if anyone has ideas for donors, let me know.
  • Potluck: I am a firm believer in not planning this portion. For some reason it seems to work out better when you don't over plan the meal.
  • Ericson takeaways: I was thinking maybe of getting a burgee created and then folks could purchase at cost?
  • Boat info sheet
  • Ericson fun race?