32-3 under berth access


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One gets slightly unhinged ideas once the cover goes on and it drops below freezing. Most of my galley kit winds up getting stored in the locker beneath the starboard settee which is great until there is a sleeping child on it and you’re trying to get out bits to make breakfast. Has anyone ever constructed any kind of access through the kick panel? Or can someone tell me I’m just committing some act of design/ safety disrespect that is going to release Cthulhu next time I jibe?

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Not many sailing sites anywhere can casually invoke a reference to H P Lovecraft...
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Filkee - Better to get the kid up and teach him how to make your coffee. You need the time to get the iron genny up and running.


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My boat came with an apparently factory access hatch in the face of the starboard settee. Just opposite an identical one under the galley. It’s not very useful - most of the volume of the settee is above the hatch. I think it needs some kind of horizontal divider.

If you follow the links in the recent thread about the over-modified E29, they’ve installed a large drawer that actually looks pretty efficient. https://www.ericsonyachts.org/infoexchange/showthread.php?17098-epic-e-29-refit


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...access through the kick panel?
Another option, perhaps, is to repurpose the space under the galley drawers.

There's a tilt-out bin there, but that tilt-out is a ridiculously inefficient use of space. Someone (KennethK?) pulled the bin, remounted the face-panel with hinges, and ended up with a "cupboard" that has probably 3x as much volume as the tilt-out - the space extends all the way out to the curve of the hull.

I've thought about it, and if I ever get around to doing it I'd consider installing (at least) a couple of shelves to keep things organized in there. Maybe even a system of plastic/tupperware bins so I could easily grab what I was looking for...



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Toddster got me hunting through that monstrosity's 140+ pictures to find one of the under-settee drawer, because I thought it looked functional too..



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Here's what you get if you disassemble the tilt-out bin under the galley counter-top:

20170122_180728.jpg View attachment 28026 20170101_171939.jpg

A ton more space in the cabinet and lots of spare teak wood for other projects. I opted to keep the door hinged at the bottom so I wouldn't have to cut into the rounded door-side molding to mount side hinges. The chain keeps the door from smacking the floor. Still need to paint the interior and add shelves.