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After a very nice shake down sail out of Annapolis today, my first mate said something after we made it back to the dock that almost made me drop my beer. She said, “You know, I love our boat but maybe we should be looking for a larger one, like an Ericson 38”. WHAT!!?? Now I do love sailing our 32-3 but I’ve often thought about sailing a 38. When my wife asked, “What is the difference between our 32 and a 38?”, I could only say bigger galley, stand up shower, nicer v-birth while I was trying appeal to what might interest her most. I mentioned nothing about sailing characteristics, of course, and I don’t want to sound chauvinistic here but my beautiful sailing bride doesn’t care that much about the technical aspects of sailing. Truth be told, however, I’ve never set foot on a E-38 let alone sail one so I can’t really compare the two in any real world way. Sure, if studied the drawings, specs and see photos but I’ve never “touch” one. So, I’m asking, probably a small minority of sailors on this site who have owned E-32s and E-38s, how do they compare? I’m not looking for specs, I looking for gut feelings I guess. Do you like one over the other? Are you glad you moved up in size? Was it really worth it? The first person that comes to my mind is Christian Williams who sailed both models to Hawaii and back but I’m hoping that there are more of you that might have owed both. Sorry Christian, I want hear from you but I’m also looking for more then one opinion. In, the meantime I plan to check out 38s near me that come up for sale. My first mate did say, “I think I’ll know within in the first five minutes if I like an Ericson 38.” (Again) What!!??

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The 38 will get you here to there significantly faster.
Also sails are more, rigging is more etc
We sail ours with a 135 most of the time. That way just as easy to single hand
Our 38 is one of the best boats ever made