34' Ericson 1977


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I'm new to the group
I'm looking at buying an Ericson 34 from 1977
I've owned classic plastic sailboats before
most recently 1971 Columbia 26 mk 2
have a few questions for the group
are there specific trouble areas to watch for?
anyone know a good surveyor in the PNW?
they seem to be designed more for light air
only 100 more square feet of sail over my columbia and only
2500 more in weight i believe
the phrf rating is much lower on avg
my columbia was 280
how are they for self steering / balance?
is the hull cored or solid?
deck core?
what type of core material?
any other recommendations for capable coastal cruiser in the Ericson line size 28 to 34?

Thanks in advance
William White:egrin:
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Did you find a boat?

The ericson 34 that you speak of is mine. Do you have any specific questions about her?

Justin 503-428-6892


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ericson 34

I was looking for a boat for next spring if you haven't sold her by then I would be interested in making an offer
what is her model? I couldn't find any specs on the 1977 34
the only ones i found were the 1978 34T and the 34X

also do you have a copy of the most recent survey?
and some recent pictures as well?
email me at: white74(a)telus.net

Loren Beach

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Under 10K.........

At the present listed asking price, you would only be paying about twice what that lead keel alone is worth!
At about 87 cents per pound, that would be $4350. worth of lead.

I doubt that you are going to find a late-70's Ericson 34 for less than this.



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my primary concern was the timing I won't have space available til next spring and also what work I might need to get her ready for the trip up to vancouver island (Canada)

Loren Beach

O34 - Portland, OR
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Very Small World... I am just back home from a three-day delivery out the Straits and down the WA coast to Astoria... and one of the other crew knew that boat when it was new and racing locally. Different name in those Halcyon days.

That bit of trivia is not much help for assessing its condition now, but... interesting nonetheless.

He did say that it was very fast.

Aside: other than a bit of motor-sailing offshore, it was all motoring with the Yanmar 3 cylinder turning 3K rpms for 25 hours straight, from fog shrouded Neah Bay to a sunny ocean passage and moon and stars for the night watches.