35-2 ladder & windvane


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Does anyone have a 35-2 with a windvane and a ladder? I plan on adding a windvane and I am trying to figure out which ladder to get to go off to the side.


Phil MacFarlane

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I have a monitor vane and I made a rope ladder with wood steps that I put off the side of the boat at the "gate" when needed. Its worked well for twenty plus years. Not as easy to climb as a rigid fixed ladder but I prefer it.

Christian Williams

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With some vane designs you can keep the transom ladder.

Scanmar, who sell the Monitor, also have several side boarding ladders which members rave about. Probably anything on the side of the boat is better than a transom mount, which is inconvenient in harbor and pretty useless in a seaway.

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I bought this from either Scanmar or Mystic Stainless (cannot recall). It is either the same as Christians or very similar.
This model is held by tubular fitting that go on the sail track, so no need to drill holes in the deck.

It is ok but there are a couple of issues:

- when people come aboard from the water the want to grab something, so I set it next to a stanchion. That limits where you can put it and also it maybe is not good for the stanchion.

- If you mount midships it takes a three section ladder to get the bottom step low enough in the water. However the double hinge, swinging stand-off legs, and hinge locking sleeves are lots of moving parts. I find deployment and retrieval to be more difficult than ideal.

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"if you mount midships it takes a three section ladder to get the bottom step low enough in the water "
On my last boat, the transom-mounted ladder was a bit short so I added a two-step rope ladder extension to it (that was easily removable for stowage). Possible in your situation..? Might get by with just one (long) step.
I am starting to like the idea of getting the ladder off the transom and mounted at the midships gate... this is a timely thread and I will look into the Scanmar option. Phil, wondering if your topsides get marked up from foot traffic..? I remember having to clean off red toenail polish from my transom after one visit... and these were steps 2-3" away from the surface!
Yes, people boarding want to grab onto something so thinking of mounting it next to the main shrouds. Grabbing onto a stanchion will eventually lead to leaks (and possibly a bent stanchion) unless firmly attached through uncored deck with a good-sized backing plate.


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Scanmar make a windvane mount system which is hinged so it opens allowing access to the ladder. Go on their web page and I believe they actually have a photo pf an Ericson installation.

Guy Stevens

Midships for the ladder, because of the hobby horsing of the boat if there is a swell through the anchorage. Also much better place to get a MOB aboard if they are mobile.
2 windvanes, Cape Horn by far my favorite.

Guy Stevens

The midship latter is indeed by mystic stainless.... They can be incredibly difficult to actually get what you order from them though.....

Loren Beach

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Our surveyor tells us that there is a recommended distance and number of steps that should be below the water surface when the ladder is down. This is to make it possible for an average condition MOB (or Woman OverBoard) to get a foot onto that deepest rung.
Our present ladder just barely has two rungs wet, and really needs another one, deeper.
Of course, any ladder is better than no ladder.
We have not swum from this boat but did so a few times on our prior 26 footer.
Our ladder works well for boarding from the dinghy, and that's why we added it.

ps: has anyone tried one of these? https://scandiamarineproducts.com/product-tag/boat/
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Loren Beach

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KISS Rope and wood ladder. Cheap, simple, stores easily, floats, looks sexy.
Great Picture! Viking toes!!
Unrelated question: with the full size dodger in place, do you find it challenging to reach and tie/untie the gaskets on the main sail? (We are having a difficult time with this, with the new 'cruising' dodger.)

Martin King

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Yep, another vote for the Mystic stainless ladder amidships. It's a clever, robust design that would work fine on a 35-2. Have one
on my 31 and my previous 39.


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After sailing through the tropics sans-ladder, we picked up an aluminum accordion style ladder that is light and stows easily, and collapses small. It just has hooks that rest inside the toe rail. I’ll see if I can find a photo.

The cheap and easy version of the boarding ladder we used was an inflatable paddle board. The drawback there is you have to blow it up (not so easy in a seaway). In nice anchorages it was awesome to have a boarding “platform” close to the water.

You could always cut off that reverse transom and add a modern sugar scoop ;)



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I installed a Hydrovane on my 34-2. It can be installed offset from center so it doesn't interfere with the port side ladder. Works great and the install was fairly easy
Storck Hydrovane.jpg.
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