35-2 main needed


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Hi everyone.

Our boat came with a couple of used mainsails off of unknown boats. Neither of them fit well and Jenny and I are trying to find a proper fitting one. We don't quite have the cash to run out and grab a new one, though we may be pressed to do so by next summer. In the meantime, if anybody knows of a decent deal on a used one or has one to sell, please let us know. We'll be looking to buy it over the winter sometime. We'd really appreciate it.



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Our luff is 36ft. I believe that is the standard rig? So sadly, I don't think your sail will work. Thanks for replying though.

I was just at baconsails too and they don't have anything quite exact right now. Maybe eventually. Bacon is where we plan on sending our two ill fitting sails to as well. Perhaps somebody with the appropriately rigged boat can make use of them.


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Am I right that 36' luff is the standard rig? Everywhere I look online it has 39' listed as the standard, but I never see listings for the tallrig. I measured mine at 36' by pulling up a spare line as far as would allow and then measuring it to the boom.


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length of luff

Something sounds amiss. The luff of my 28+ is 35'-5" confirmed. A 32' boat has a sail that is only 0'-7" taller?

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