38' 1981 rub rail insert replacement?


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Like everyone else, my white rub rail is past the pale and I am inclined to replace it rather than try to paint it. I'd appreciate any info on manufacturer and specific insert number or designation for anyone who has done this on an '81 38 footer. The cost would also be helpful. Also was it a huge pain to replace or manageable?

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Since yours is a 1981, I'm guessing that you have the two part rubber/plastic rub rail.

In a previous thread, I listed the part numbers from Wefco, but if you call them and tell them it's for an Ericson they might know. If you just replace the insert, it would be much cheaper and easier. I replaced the whole thing as one side was broken from the previous owner.

The actual replacement was fairly routine, just sheet metal screws into the hull-deck joint, including the end caps, but I would make some changes.

I installed mine about a year ago using the same method as the original, i.e. flat head screws every few inches. That worked fine for the Bay, but going out a few weeks ago in somewhat choppy conditions the softer compound of the new rail pulled over the screws and detached itself from the boat. When we get back to the Bay, one of my projects will be to install strips connecting the screws so the base can't just slide over the screws.

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