38-200 for sale


Hammy, 'Merrimist' E38 in sunny Bda
G'day Ericson group,

brief update, 'Merrimist' remains available for sale, currently on hurricane approved by insurance swing mooring in Bermuda.
She is a great live aboard for Bermuda, or anywhere else for that matter, limited only by your adventurous musings......

My contact number/s now are +1 954 549 7248 & +1 401 466 4542

Wash your hands and stay safe all,

Yours in sailing, Anthony.
(Hammy in Florida)

Priced to sell.....

Price reduction for my ageing, yet with beautiful lines, 1986 38200 laying n Bermuda - listed HERE ONLY for 32k or make a realistic offer.

Happily she came through Humberto which hit Bermuda this hurricane season unscathed unlike quite a few other unlucky vessels around her.
Having spent over 15k in upgrades over the recent years and love her dearly, sadly for me she is not included in future plans, happily, for the new owner, Merrimist will not disappoint.
Fair winds to all.

Kind regards,

Hammy, back in Bermuda
Ph. +1 441 466 4542
Please note, Merrimist is in Bermuda at this time - all photos listed in link taken when originally listed earlier this year.

G'day fellow sailors,

A brief note to highlight a my earlier For Sale post, although I do love my 1986 38200 'Merrimist' and enjoy spending time improving little things here and there - boat phaffing some non understanding might say, I really do enjoy sailing her. I have made the decision to sell her as I cannot reasonably take on a second bigger boat. Sensible, right...........
My sadness in parting with her could possibly be eased by someone who can easily see her now classic lines and strong bones, an enthusiastic sailor who will not be disappointed, who will get years and years more enjoyment sailing her.

Check the following link:



All photos were taken just a couple of months back when I first made the decision to put her on the market. I have her listed at 50k in the link, posting here now for 40k.

Yes, she is laying in Bermuda, and because of that, I would be more than happy to sail her or assist new owner in sailing her back to USA east coast.

Feel free to ask questions, or pm me if interested. Thank you for your time, look forward to seeing you out on the ol briny with full sails and tight sheets.

Hammy, back cruising the turquoise blue Bermuda waters.


Hammy, 'Merrimist' E38 in sunny Bda
Update May 2020, good day all, I am again a PO. 'Merrimist' 1986 E38-200, my much loved and cared for other woman, has been sold and is no longer available. Thank you all for your knowledge and experience when it comes to all things Ericson, this site as a collective is priceless when it comes to any and all things Ericson, the moderators, you know who you, also deserve a mention, BZ to you all, great work.
I would like to remain a member and continue to check in regularly, help out by comment if I am able to do so, after all, I did manage to get to a number of upgrades and work onboard over the 4 short years, approx >2000nm as owner of Merrimist. I am a little sad that I have sold Merrimist as I really did enjoy sailing her. Now am in the market, seeking a mid 40's bluewater cruiser, that is now that I have followed Commander & Chief's (wife) direction, which was not to buy another boat until I had sold Merrimist. So all good, stay healthy all. And if and when I see you out on the water I will shout out a big g'day and thank you.


Hammy in Ontario.

Christian Williams

E381 - Los Angeles
Blogs Author
Glad it sold and glad you'll stick around, but I for one will miss having an Ericson member in Bermuda. Wives are often right, the problem is that we usually don;t know it till later. Let us know how goes the search for the next boat.