A Call for Feature Articles

Sean Engle

Your Friendly Administrator
Ok - I need some help here... :egrin:

I need a few of you (who can write) to put together an article that will be used in the new regional pages area of the new site.

Go to www.EricsonYachts.org/home.php3

From there, navigate via "People & Projects" and then "Regional Pages" to either the 'Ericsons-Southeast' or 'Ericsons Southern Calfornia' pages, and check out the feature articles by our own Jeff Asbury and Morgan Stinemetz....I need more of these, ideally one for every regional page - plus more if some of you want to have written work on the web (what an incentive, eh?)....

Please email me if you would like to become a widely recognized author (like Mr. Stinemetz...well, maybe not...).....