A couple of E25 questions

Hello gang, glad this site exists. I've downloaded all the specs for my E25 (1973), but I still have some questions for you hardened sailors out there.

1. Anyone know the head reservoir capacity?

2. My boat takes on a couple of inches of bilge per hour in medium chop during sailing(I sail on Lake Travis in Austin, TX, a very busy powerboat lake), and I've checked all the seacocks and all seems normal. Just wondering if this is normal, and if any of you had an idea of the source (swing keel?). She stays bone dry while in the slip.

Thanks in advance for any assistance.


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Hi, just read your post. I also have a '73 E-25, and noticed the same situation on a long downwind run last year. Blowing 30 to 35 and a rather large following sea. By the time I was done I had taken on about 5 to7 gallons in the bilge, normally dry by the way. When I did a little snooping , I found that the bilge pump feeds out the stern just above the waterline. My theory- the swells forcing water up and over the high part of the bilge pump line and ending up in the boat. Possibly a check valve in the outflow, but its a real bitch to get in there to do it. Good luck and let me know if it helps any. Mike
thanks mike, that's when I gather water...medium to rough chop. It's not of epidemic proportions (as long as I remember to run the bilge pump), just kind of annoying. Anyway, she's coming out of the water in November for a basic bottom job, so I imagine a checkvalve will be on my list.

Thanks for the feedback.

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