A (partial) proof of concept


Yesterday, after schlepping pieces and parts from the car, through the club, onto and off of the Tender, the final components of a concept were put into place; a hot, sweaty start to a Sunday afternoon. Once all this was on the boat, with the boat harnessed to the can, opening the forward hatch allowed a cooling breeze to flow through the cabin, very much welcomed. That a partial proof of concept was successful was satisfying.

The 'trippy' pic of cabin components (mid cabin hatch, sole, exterior/interior grab rails, pipe berth and tie-died cover for the foam cushion) were hung and placed somewhat in position, staged during the depths of C-19 Lockdown. Staging was a welcomed distraction and it's attched with this thread 'just for fun'.

The 'Time Line' pic, from May 2020 and June 2021, shows how far the cabin rebuild has come: veneer repaired, new white oak interior grab rails fabricated and steam bent, new headliner sewn and installed, all teak surfaces varnished with 2+ coats of Sikkens 'Hand Rubbed Effect'. And many, many other items in the process.

We now know we can stack sails on the high side of either side (the 'partial proof') using the pipe berths (which ain't pipes). The 'Full Proof' will occur once we know we can stack crew on the high side in these pipe berths, safely and comfortably, over a race course that has a rhumb line measurement of 289 nm. That race for us starts Friday July 16th @ 3:eek:5 PM CDT.

On to the day, other lists to address. Take care.


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Exactly. Today I'm opening 'The Mac Box', which holds those items that are only needed/mandatory for The Mac. It'll be a bit like the Forrest Gump 'Box of Chocolates', cuz there was no race last year and we didn't race in 2019. So this box was last opened in late July of 2018. Comparing 'Mac Safety Regs' with the contents will be...interesting?


Mark, IIRC, that Friday evening's drive north to a midpoint was an enjoyable time to deliver the gear, hear of your CPR undertakings, all while leaned up against our vehicles in lovely Gurnee IL. IIRC...

We race to Waukegan this Saturday, and back on Sunday. Looking forward to it. Take care.