A-Syms Dead Downwind?

Christian Williams

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I don't know how many Ericsons tack downwind, which is where an inventory of asymetrical spinnakers earns its keep.

But apparently some fast boats are finding now that they can sail an asym dead downwind, on a pole, for superior results. Many of these boats abandoned traditional spinnakers years ago, since DDW was considered slow.

Must depend on the boat. But does seem to apply to the value of keeping a spinnaker pole on board even today.


Loren Beach

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Ah So. Same UKSails message just hit my mailbox. The explanation makes sense to me, FWIW.

Geoff W.

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The Schock 35 I do "serious" races on poles out their assyms. We can sail pretty deep, if not straight DDW. going wing-on-spin helps get a few more degrees as well, but talk about a sensitive point of sail.


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When it is windy enough to hit hull speed it makes sense to go as deep as possible if that's the way you're going. One asym trick is to wing-on-wing but also sheet in the main half way to channel air into the spin a bit sideways to keep it "pushed out" without a pole. Good point about keeping a pole handy though but of course then you're keeping all the other parts of using a pole handy as well so might as well use a real chute to go dead down at that point?