Anyone involved with their local Sea Scout Ship ?


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Thinking about my old Sea Scout days a very long time ago. Thinking about joining the local ship in Austin and getting grandkids involved:

Seems like a good idea to help keep the Ericson ship/shape and and getting young folks involved?

We used to race across the rough Corpus Christi bay in our 2 crew wooden Penguin class drop keel boats that we had to maintain, sand and paint every year. The winner of the races were allowed to crew on the commodores Raven class.

I guess nostalgia is popping up as age progresses. Did that for 7 terrific years. Here is my old S/S uniform...note that the hat still fits, but the bell bottoms are a little too tight!


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Our sailing club hosts a Sea Scouts 'Ship'. They are very active in dinghies (Thistles, mainly), but they also have one keelboat that they use a fair bit too. They are all at the club this last weekend refreshing its bottom paint!

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Best part of my high school years.
Super active unit. With over 100 kids.
Now days as teacher, four of my seniors have had to put their eagle court on honor on hold.
Once a scout...always a scouter


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Seaman Apprentice Filkorn started off in the Sea Scouts but jumped ship for the Sea Explorers because they had more fun and didn't have to cut their hair. Had a massive operation in H Basin, Marina Del Rey a few hundred yards from whee Thelonious 2 currently ties up. Great experiences in both organizations.


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Sea Scouts appear to be on the wane around here. The Sea Scout base in Portland is being vacated and the boats may be sold. The only reasons given are vague "liability" concerns. Though I've heard some rumors that a few boats may end up as "guests" at some yacht club.

My Great-Uncles left me some Sea Scout paraphernalia from the 1930's and I always used to enjoy paging through the manuals and wondering at it all.

However, there are great youth sailing programs going now, and even a couple of high school teams based in my marina. Far beyond anything that existed when I was a kid. And there are opportunities to donate gear and fees for kids whose families can't otherwise afford it.