Boat Surveyor in NY - NJ area


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We have an accepted offer for our first sailboat, a E32-3, We have a Surveyor lined up but thought it would be wise to ask if anyone in the NY/NJ area had someone who might be familiar with Ericson line?


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I sail a 1971 Ericson 29 on the Great South Bay of Long Island.
Ericsons are very well built boats. I have owned mine for 19 years.
As a 49 year old boat it is a wonderful boat to sail. Stable, fast, and well put together.
Along the way I have repowered, as the old atomic 4 was rusting on the insides. Put in a Yanmar which is amazing.
I also re-bedded all the deck fittings and port lights to make her leak free. (I on and off project done on bad sailing days).

I would buy another ericson in a heart beat.