Broken Gear Repair by Brazing

Christian Williams

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I'm sorry to link to this and have no excuse.

Wait--perhaps we will strip the steering gear and need a repair, and to know what's involved.

Wait--perhaps everyone else already knows how to do this, and is not surprised by the slight mandrell wobble at minute 37?

Wait--it could be that understanding how stuff in the world gets done has some intrinsic psychological value in and of itself. Or maybe not.

Wait--dinner's ready.

Be there in a minute, hon !

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I would miss dinner for this one....facinating, absolutely fascinating. I have been an amateur tig welder for 15 years as a hobbiest, but never used a brazing rod...much less have access to this unbelievable ultra machinist equipment that required decades of experience that this gentleman obviously has. Cannot thank you enough Christian. Going to watch it again! Beautiful!!!

Loren Beach

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I believe that this guy repaired the threading machine for Leo and was in a video about it.

Fun to watch! Also brings back memories of small brazing projects that done by the millwrights as favors for my electrician father in his mill maintenance years.