Cabin Gingerbread Winter Projects


As we Northerners now get stuck with those seasonal foul, cold, and rainy/snowy days, I like to turn to what I consider “boredom beater projects”. They are short yet enjoyable distractions that can be completed in a reasonable amount of time without a huge effort.

After many painstaking finger sore hard hours of polishing back up my brass ship’s clock, gimbaled oil lamp, barometer and thermometer...I decided it’s BEYOND time they also take up winter residence at home out of the harsh cold and brass dulling extremes. GOOD for the brass and my hands!

I first decided on creating a base for my clock to sit on and then, while at it, a single background plaque for the oil lamp & smoke bell.

Using scrap pieces of thick (3/4” Teak), I was able to complete both projects with a little creative thinking.

The clock base was straightforward and easy. I even included a key holder on the side.


My last piece of thick Teakwood was a bit short, so had to add a horizontal piece separated by two thinner pieces of Basswood that’ll have a brass placard with our boats name & production year date on it. (Still working on the finish as I wasn’t happy with the first coat.)