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Steve Swann

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A hint please

I can't remember what the acryonym CRS means. Anyway, I am sure it is something to celebrate, so here's an early morning toast to all of you slugging it out at work - I'm leaving for Puerto Vallarta so I can have more quality beer time on "Imma Gene" (that's Idaho-speak for my new beer barge, s/v "Imagine"). In the meantime, I hope my airline has a urinal...

PS if I wanted to upgrade from PBR, what barley pop brand is the next step up? Remember, the can can't clash with my all-red WMFWG.


Given that you need to stay coordinated with your red foul weather gear, and given the fine choice in malted beverages you've displayed, I'd have to say Black Label is the default no-brainer. After all, red exterior with a black interior has been a classic in Italian vintage sports cars for years. I think this is something you can aspire to wearing the red foulies with a can or two of Carling in your hand. :devil:
Can't Remember, Steve

I hope you and "T" and a wonderfull time down in "Old" Mexico. Be sure to keep us updated on all your escapades and wrong doings :egrin: . Don't forget, your absence will give Kim and I time to come up with more slander on you :devil: so don't relax too much :cheers: .

Fair winds,


Loren Beach

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Someone on the site was looking at this thread today, and I recall how much fun everyone had with the previous discussion of canned pork products. :)
Anyone here still provisioning their Ericson with cans of dubious... protein?


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I note that the Celebrity brand is Hungarian. I used to go there for work and was proudly served the delicious Mangalitsa pork. This is an exotic breed and the dishes are expensive. The pigs grow an abundant coat:



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I confess that over the last couple of years, I've been trying out various shelf-stable... "foods." Spam was one of those that didn't quite make the cut. Unfortunately, I bought a Costco-sized multi-pack. The first can rated, "hmm, this isn't all that bad..." But each subsequent can became harder to eat than the one before. Actually, the last can may still be in the cupboard.

Christian Williams

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I tried that, and it is to bacon as a crystal radio set is to Dolby sound. The succulent and wholesome quality of bacon, its essential pigness, its thick-slab authenticity and the generosity of its contribution to oppressed mankind is extirpated by the necessary desiccation and wanton vacuum packaging. It lies in the unrefrigerated icebox like a photograph of bacon, not like bacon. It teases the spirit and dashes it against the rocks of memory, of mornings of shared try-pots of rendered fat, of BLTs and prosciutto substitutions, and of olden days when it was the symbol of success and of unviolated nuclear families and when the finenest accomplishment of a man, or nowadays of a woman, was to be admired for bringing it home.


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Dry-cured hams are shelf-stable. (If not quite to my taste.) No can necessary. Just carve off a slice every day. I seem to have a vague memory of a photograph of a world cruising boat with a couple of hams dangling from the boom.

Dave G.

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I find that a few minutes in a fry pan makes all the difference with spam. My taste may be skewed a bit though... As a child spam was a regular meal in our home.

Mr. Scarlett

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Slightly related -
When provisioning for a return from Hawaii I found canned whole roasted chicken. They were about the diameter of a 28oz can of tomatoes X the length of a can of tennis balls. I'd never seen this before so had to buy one.
It was exactly what we expected and I'll just leave it at that.