Captain needed for a relocation!


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Amidst the corona virus is a terrible time to be trying this, but I’ve got to ask. Is anyone looking for an adventure? I am purchasing an E-35 in Petersburg, AK and need to get her to Kodiak, AK. Main crew member has to bail. I would love to have someone more experienced help me to relocate her to her new home. I’m a little overwhelmed to try this trip alone. I would gladly pay for tickets to/from Alaska, all food/drinks, expenses, etc. or I could work out something out with an actual delivery captain. I’m open to ideas...

Christian Williams

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Well, I'd want a full crew and an experienced captain with proven local knowledge. Also, most newly purchased boats need a shakedown cruise before any long voyage. The surveyor and insurance company will have requirements, perhaps demands. And then there is Covid 19, which complicates everything.

What is it, 500 miles across the Gulf of Alaska? Is that a piece of cake?


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Survey items are being addressed. Hoping to shake things out while going to Sitka. Reassess from there before jumping off west are my thoughts. I haven’t crossed the gulf before, big reason why I was hoping to have some more experience. Not sure if anyone on here has sailed in this area, suggestions? Figured it was worth throwing it out there. Straight line is 550, or more if we follow the coast line up/around.