Captain Q reviews a 36C


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Just got home and found this: Youtube.
Early in the video he talks a bit about Bruce King designs - and he mentions the 31 Independence!
Did you hear that Kotona? Captain Q knows that boats like you exist. :D


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Seriously. When we were looking, we said to ourselves 'under 35 feet', but I think we could have rationalized another foot, if this one had been available at the time.

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Seriously. When we were looking, we said to ourselves 'under 35 feet', but I think we could have rationalized another foot, if this one had been available at the time.
Different shopping era, but we would be happy with that one too. Only change I would make, just off hand, would be to restore the function of the galley range. Considering the limited 'market' back in the day for a full-dress racer/cruiser from Ericson, this was a bit of a marketing risk for them would be my guess. Wonderful for future generations that they built these.


You’re right…Think there will always be a smaller market for classic lined boats, but for a production oriented company to build the I-31 or 36C was probably a well discussed decision back then. Glad they did it!!


That is a one in a million find, what a beauty.
Mr King designed a one off for his daughter, if I have the story correct, called “Frog Princess” from a story book he used to read to her.

The lines are somewhat similar to the 36C and is a beautiful little classic “Proper Sailing Yacht”.


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Before I decided to buy my 32-3, I gave serious thought to a 36C that was available. As a fan of traditional designs, with modern improvements, I really like the whole package. And the outboard rudder with the traditional schooner steering gear was really pulling at me. I guess I chickened out and opted for the more "mainstream" design of the 32-3. No looking back, but if I see a 36C nearby, I may have to glance in that direction for a minute.

Reminds me of the Stone Horse
There is a Stone Horse in my marina, and that's pretty appealing as well. Like a sibling of the 36C.


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can someone speak to the helm set up. I loved the boat and episode. But I couldn’t get past imagining how that set up would work pulling into my marina. Is it an optical illusion or are the engine controls out of reach from behind the wheel?


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I've seen a few boats with this set up and never really liked it because I thought it would be uncomfortable and impractical to stand behind the wheel. Then my dock neighbor explained that he never stears from behind. always from the front or side. He said it's one of his favorite things about the boat because it opens up the cockpit and makes single handing so much easier. Kind of weird to wrap your head around, but I think he's on to something.