"Casual Singlehanding" (10-Minute Video)

Kenneth K

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Thanks, Christian. Great video, as always. Which leads to my usual frustration with such videos.

A guy replaces all the engine hoses, rebuilds the cooling system and the engine panel, re-paints the dinghy, and still goes for a "bucolic," sunny, single-handed sail, all in the span of 11 minutes. It's enough to convince anyone to partake in the dream of sailboat ownership.

In reality, if you're a single-handed mechanic, like most of us are, the work you accomplished is more likely to take 11 months than 11 minutes, and the days of sailing will suffer while the work is being done. The reality of owning and maintaining a sailboat is different from the "dream."

And yet, here I am.......

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Excellent video - Thanks!

As I mentioned on your YT, the other big thing from aviation and sports like tennis which can be adopted to is ALWAYS be aware of at least the next two sequential things you may or will need to do. It's like a moving checklist.