Engine, Cooling Catalina Direct for Impellers

Equipment related to the cooling of the engine. From the impeller on the water pump to the wet exhaust.

Rick R.

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As I was going through the joy of replacing my raw water pump, I experienced the power of searching the internet and the forums in finding the best price on a part.

Catalina Direct had a Replacement Pump for my old Sherwood for$440 . With a little research and help from some friends here I was able to replace my pump for $287!

Depco Pumps 800-446-1656

It is the Oberdorfer N202-m16.
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G Kiba

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Recent experience with an replacement Oberdoffer (late model) impeller. After less than 20 minutes of use, the brand new impeller failed. The inner hub slipped and the impeller blades stopped spinning. I called Catalina Direct who issued an RMA and I returned a spare and the failed unit. An older replacement that I had was a different construction. The inner hub looked more secure.