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Catalina equivalent parts and Bed-It to be available again

Tin Kicker

Sustaining Member
Pardon if posted here before but I'd not seen these on EYO, so hope the news from Sailboat Owners Forum (SBO) can help others:

The late Frank Butler, founder of Catalina Yachts, had a passion for spare parts and a knack for finding good deals. Over the years he built a huge inventory of spares that constantly grew in size and scope.

In 2022, Catalina needed to clear that warehouse to make room for an additional production line. And in the process, CatalinaOwners.com acquired multiple semi-trailers of Catalina parts.

Cataloging, organizing, and attributing these parts to specific models will take at least a year or two... but we're adding products on the site as we sort them. Eventually, we will list these parts by the Catalina model they fit, but for now, most parts will require measurements of your original to make sure you get the correct replacement.

To make sure you receive news of the latest available parts, sign up for our Catalina Parts Mailing List. You can unsubscribe with one click at any time.

If you have questions, suggestions, or don't see what you need please contact us.
IMPORTANT! Many of these parts are old, a few dating back to the 1980s. However, they are "new" and unused. Boxes, however, will be faded or funky and you could encounter a little dust here and there. But unless specified, every part is unused and uninstalled.

If you have questions, suggestions, or don't see what you need please contact us.


Thanks to the efforts of Maine Sail and his firm Compass Marine, we're very proud to announce that Bed-It Tape is coming back on SBO. In fact, you can place an order for it at that link.

Bed-It is quite a success story. Developed by Rod specifically to bed deck hardware, there is truly nothing like it on the market. As he intended, the tape does everything you want it to do and nothing you don't.

It's been out of stock the past few months but we have a new shipment arriving, estimated to reach our warehouse in late August. As with all things these days, late-August means some time after June and before our grandchildren retire. We'll keep you updated on our progress.

If you choose to order now -- and I recommend it, as we may sell out of this order before it arrives -- your credit card will be authorized but we won't collect any money until we ship. (It'll look like a charge for a week, then it will disappear from your statement.)

Tin Kicker

Sustaining Member
I was fortunate to get a couple of rolls of the Bed-It before Rod had his stroke and like it. It's not magic and other butyl tapes work, but Bed-It strikes a nice balance between gooey black car stuff and most of them where you wonder if it is really adhered enough.

Loren Beach

O34 - Portland, OR
Senior Moderator
Blogs Author
"Bed-'It"..... bought a couple of rolls (standard packaging quantity) about a decade ago. It's stable and really is a good as it's promoted. It's not my first choice in practice, for reasons having to do with handling, but it is everything that Rod sez it is.