Chesapeake Ericson club


Member III
Welcome to the group Fred,

I will be heading down your way mid-July for a shake down cruise. Would like to meet and greet over a cold beer if your around.

Mark "Souleman" Soule


Member III
I will be leaving the Rhode River this morning and will be headed North for Worton Creek. Will be passing through the Annapolis area around noon if anyone is out and about.


Member III
For those of you who are not members I am inviting you to join us at a Proposed July Virtual Meeting, details below:


I miss sailing and I miss your company.

It is amazing to remember our last meeting was in February, but easy to remember the laughs and comradery of that day. In an effort to regain that good time, I am proposing our first virtual meeting. Details and proposed agenda below:

After discussion with several Chesapeake Bay Ericson Club members, I am scheduling a July 11th virtual meeting date beginning at noon and scheduled for one hour. Once the meeting is setup, a link will be set to all current and future members.

While Don is away, I am nominating him to discuss his recent sail and safe return.

Proposed Agenda

  • Introduction
  • New member announcements
  • Navman discuss his recent adventure
Mark “Souleman” Soule
Phone: 339-206-3243
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Member I
Enjoying my first longer sail on the Chesapeake. Started out from Bodkin Creek where I passed Footloose (E-38) in the narrow entrance channel. Nice quiet night at Dobbins Island on the Magothy. Slow morning sail under the Bay Bridge with an abrupt 0-18 north to south wind change off Annapolis. Lazy to 20 minute scramble as I switched from drifter to reefed main. This is great practice. Enjoying the 7 knot beat when I tacked back east and saw the thunderstorms brewing. Just made Galesville before the bluster started, thank you Mantis anchor for holding. Long days of great 5-18 knot winds on the nose to Solomons and now Great Wicomico. Starting back north tomorrow just in time for the wind to shift to the north.. Need to get a better weather app. Cheers. ss