Chesapeake Ericson club


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Intereste in Chesapeake Club concept

Hi Mark and all,

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Pamaya.

Yes, we would be interested in the Chesapeake Club.

We are on the Eastern Shore, but Annapolis area would work for
Periodic meet-ups. The Boatyard or a marina as suggested could work. It was fun seeing some of you at the Sailboat Show and would be happy to keep the connections going.

On another note, I've added a few pictures of Pamaya in a brief album.

Will try to clean this folder up and add some additional items over the winter.

We mostly have Pamaya to the state that we were hoping for by end of the season. Hoping to install a roller furling and make a few rigging mods by Spring. Maybe clean up some more brightwork, bolt on some davits and a few such items. Then switch to routine maintenance mode...




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What a great response,

I just got back from the family Christmas vacation. If I could get a verification on final location I will phone ahead and get reservations.

Month: January
Day: 18th
Final Decision on Location:?



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We will leave the “where” decision to others more familiar with the places in town. We will be looking at getting a B&B or else a hotel for the night due to the distance. That being said, we are onboard with whatever is decided. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL!!!!


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I was wondering what time we would meet? I am coming down alone (Linda can't make it). As such I will drive back to the boat on the Eastern Shore/ Chestertown after the gathering. Would it be possible to set the time for late afternoon into early evening? Say sometime between 4 & 6 ? I thought I saw that the Boatyard does not accept reservations. Shouldn't be an issue as it is the off season. I will be down to Annapolis early on Saturday as I want to go to Bacons and a few other shops in the area to pick up some boat items.


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What time?

I usually check on my boat once a month in the winter so Jan 18th will work for me. I C that the Boat Yard has been selected and is the meeting time there noon? Can we verify that?



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Perfect Noon it is unless I read otherwise! Look forward to meeting everyone again and others for hthe first time!!


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ECC Members,

January 18th at the Annapolis Boatyard Bar and Grill early arrivals 12-2, late arrivals 4-6.

I can sit and talk sailing, trips to the Caribbean and maintenance all afternoon.



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The Boatyard and SpinSheet have been contacted. The Boatyard as stated in an earlier note, does not except reservations. Currently waiting on a reply form SpinSheet.

Topic of discussion Merrimist is available at new reduced price.


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first one there should try to secure a large enough table.
Day before we should try to get a rough attendance estimate. --Steve


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For members information

SpinSheet has added our event to their " Calendar of Events"
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Somebody I know in Baltimore has a 33 and is going to try to join us with his wife. Scottish fellow named Robert.