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YEA! & Yup, messed up on the Lunar New Year date, looking at the wrong page on my blotter. I am good for the 29th. The Boatyard was good. About the same distance to either place for me coming from the Eastern Shore. the boatyard allowed me time to visit some of the vendors in town such as Bacon's. I came away with some good finds browsing around before the last meeting.

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Since Souleman has a conflict on the 29th and others will have other conflicts, can we post what dates we have open for lunch in Feb to see what is best?

After this Sunday I can make any February weekend day work.


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Just got off the phone with Pat and added his email to the contact list.

The current (and hopefully final?) status for the February meeting is:

Date: February 15th
Location: Boatyard

Thanks everyone for contributing to the club.. we have a great agenda lined up that includes "A newbies first crew opportunity" and "How to fix blisters and prepare the hull for barrier coats"

Mark "Souleman" Soule


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email has been sent to contact list. If you have not received an email, please send me a private email and I will add you to the distribution list.

Mark "Souleman" Soule


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Please add me to the mailing list ( -- I'll be driving back into town on the 14th so I'll be able to make the meetup this month. Looking forward to meeting everyone.

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Just a suggestion; if everyone could write down some topics to discuss we can then weed out the duplicates during the meeting and get an idea on what is of interest. We can then have a discussion relative to the selected topic or topics during the next meeting. A few (2-3) topics per meeting should be enough and leave time for people to comment and discuss and still have general conversations.

Example: Trips planned for this year 2020
Did you sail to a new destination last year 2019/ if so where was it and how was it? interesting facts about the trip and the destination.
Best upgrade/ improvement to your boat in 2019.
Improvements/ betterment's planned for this year 2020.
Proposed location for a springtime rendezvous / over nighter.
Do you spend most of your time on the water solo or with another?
Pro's and con's of solo sailing and or sailing with others.

I am sure collectively the list will grow substantially.
P.S. I do intend to submit the above 7 items for discussion , so think away!


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Great idea

Good food, drink and new friends is great but for longevity, having an agenda will help us keep interest in the group. I am partial to sharing experiences whether sailing, maintenance or meeting new friends, it's all exciting.


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My snowshoe hike in the Catskills got postponed so I will be able to make the meet tomorrow at the Boatyard,

Can someone confirm the time.

My E36RH is in the water at Severn House in Eastport, not far from the Boatyard if anybody is interested in a tour or wants to see a specific repair or upgrade in person. I've done almost all of the most common repairs over the last nine years. Also if you are curious about any construction detail of an Ericson (TAFG, shroud tie rods, etc.) you can easily get access to and see all the normally hidden bits on the E36RH.



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HI Mark, Noon till 2 is planned. If everyone shows we might run a little longer to accommodate late arrivals. It's an open ended meeting so members can come and go as necessary.

I personally love the E36RH's and would like a tour. I think it might make a great club meeting to tour her when the weather is a little warmer.
Mark "Souleman" Soule