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Keep in mind that there are several "pick up and drop off" points along the way such as Ocean City, Lewes Delaware, Chesapeake City and my marina Green Point Landing on Worton Creek for those who have to go further South to complete the loop.

Loren Beach

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My wife's trip got cancelled so she is my crew. That also means we can leave on the 16th of may hopefully allowing an additional time window to complete the trip without causing any inter-spousal concerns.
By golly, that was stated delicately! :)


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Steve, It's not IF we do the loop, but when at this point.
There is are a number of Chesapeake Bay Ericson Club Members with interest in this bucket list item.
Come and join us.

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Hi all,

Hope everyone is staying safe and doing well. I would definitely be interested in doing the loop if timing works out. Launching is one issue, my new mainsail is stuck in quarantine for a tbd delay, and I have to help my daughter move between apartments for grad school in mid-May depending on the regional status at that point.

Would appreciate the proposed float plan though!

Also, my 27 might struggle to get pace with the 30+'ers in the crowd, but will just have to leave earlier or sail longer if I can make it work.

I'll also update my info on the group spreadsheet later today.


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Time / date of departure is all up in the air for now. I would like to get it done by mid - June as that is when the winds usually clock around and start come out of the northern directions making it on the nose for the coastal leg. I have had The Optimist II in the water since the 2nd of March so am good to go once this ban is lifted. In the meantime I am getting a lot of miscellaneous tasks completed. New weather boards, new winch bases, new lid for the cowling vent box, new larger cockpit table being glued up as we speak, received my new AIS so it is ready to install, new padeyes for clip in points, new jacklines etc. etc.
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For all sailors with boats stuck on the hard, if your really interested, and the club really does this, then I for one am solo sailing and wouldn't mind sharing the sail with like minded members.

Discovery is an 1983 E-30+ and is a lot of fun to sail.

Mark "Souleman" Soule


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Hello all,
I have a few questions to put out there while trying to do the float plan.
1: Who would like to do the DelMarVa trip on their own boat? Please put your name here and boat spec's
2: Who would like to go and be crew?
3: Who has coastal experience?
4: Who has overnight experience and has pulled watches?
5: For those boats participating what is you average distance covered in an 8-10 hour day? Or, what distance are you OK with covering in a day?
6: Who would be OK with doing an overnight sail or 2 en route?

As it stands, if we keep it to relatively easy day trips of between 33- 40 nm per day and one 54 mile day it will take 8 days. That's if we do not incur any delays and can meet our goal each day. If we were to do a long or overnight run while in the bay, it would shave off a day. An over-nighter while on the coastal leg will also save a day, cutting the time down to 6 days. On a trip like this I would build in a "buy day" to stay on the hook or take care of provisioning, pump out, take on water. Of course the daily mileage I plot depends on answers to some of the questions above. As it now stands, this is what I have for my departure from Worton Creek.
Day 1: The Optimist II departs Worton for Solomons Island 64 nm. All vessels from points north such as Annapolis would meet that same day in Solomons for the first night.
Day 2: Depart Solomons for the Great Wicamo River and drop hook for the night. 40 nm.
Day 3: Depart the Wicamo for St. Charles Marina for the night. 40 nm. I believe some provisioning can be done here and it puts us in good position for the fist day of coastal.
Day 4: St. Charles marina to Cobb Island. 43nm. This is the first coastal leg.
Day 5: Cobb Island to Wallops Island for a 36nm day. This is where the over-nighter may happen if the group wanted to shoot for Ocean City it would be a 67 nm. day
Day 5 or 6: Wallops Island to Ocean City is a 38 nm. day
Day 6 or 7: Ocean City to Lewes Ferry near the ferry terminal 33nm.
Day 7; or 8 Lewes to Reedy Point 54nm. This is an easy run for any size boat as the tide is very strong and we will absolutely ride the tide the whole way in. Fighting this tide is a futile effort. In lieu of Reedy Point if the tide is still willing we could enter the C&D and drop hook in Chesapeake City. Nice place for a night out.
Day 8 or 9: Reedy Point to Worton Creek.
We could cut it down to 7 or 8 days if we did two over-nighters.

Well, that is what I have for now. But again, it depends on what kind of ground everyone wants to cover. I will be making this trip this year dependent on when we will be allowed no matter what the season, up to late November that is. Please send me you thoughts, questions, comments, criticisms. _/)