Cockpit controls for Universal 12 / Ericson 26

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Among my winter projects (I guess it's now spring projects), I found another job when I tried to flip my cockpit 'oil' switch. It broke off. It's next to my key ignition in the lower right corner of my engine control panel for our Universal Model 12 / 1987 Ericson 26 with wheel steering. (By the way, did you ever try to get your body low enough to look at your control panel? It's near impossible. I am happy to say I did it but I may not walk right for the next few weeks. I'd like to know how an adult can lower themselves to read/maintain the damn thing)

Anyway, the toggle switch looks to be below a red light. My question is, does the toggle relate to the red light and how. I am also planning to replace the 1/4" clouded plexiglass that covers most of my control panel at which time I will be able to see better to read and understand the question I am asking.

I am planning to remove the entire control panel from the inside to check and redo wiring for a starter probem but if anyone knows how the oil toggle switch and light interact I would appreciate hearing from them. I checked the Ericson owner's manual and never saw any control panel option that mentions an oil switch or light. I have amps/rpm/water temp dials with start and glow plugs push swiches in addition to the oil and keyswitch.


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Looks like my panel...

The "Oil" label is for the low oil pressure red light right above the label.
The switch is your exhaust blower to pull hot air out of the engine compartment. This has been discussed here quite a bit.
Do a Tag Search on engine blower or blower.
Speaking of that panel, I too have removed all the wires in back, one at a time, cleaned up the terminals, and reattached 'em.
I also took the scratched up "clear" spray cover off the front and had Tap Plastics make a duplicate.

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Does your oil pressure light also have a buzzer alarm? Because you'll probably never see that tiny light if you ever lose oil pressure.

My panel is similar with a toggle switch in place of the key switch. My oil pressure light is larger and incorporates the buzzer; made by Cole-Hersey and available from WM or other chandelries. (Don't buy it from Torresen; they'll charge you $200 for a $25 switch.) You can probably wire it in place of your existing light using the same wiring. I also have the smaller light which I think is supposed to indicate blower operation but it doesn't work or isn't bright enough to see, but I can hear the blower running before the engine starts.

You shouldn't have to do the work from behind the panel. When you take out the screws on the front the whole plastic "pan" that the gauges are mounted in should come out; you may have to pry it away from some sealant or use a long box cutter blade to cut through the sealant.

I have an engine hour meter mounted just below that panel so I know what you mean about contorting yourself to be able to see!

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