Couple more questions on M25


Long story short.. we totally redid our Ericson 33, we also had a daughter now 5 and for the last 5 years or so I really have not been that involved in our sailboat.

Needless to say... I have forgotten a lot of what I once did know as we totally rehabbed our boat from bow to stern...

on the engine panel M25 I have 3 gauges, temp, rpm and volts and a light.. I have a key, blower switch and glow plugs, this is the pre 83 panel.

I know the light is the oil pressure. I turn blower on, hit glow plugs and turn key and she always fires right up. Everything seems to run smooth and I have shut the engine off at 190 deg, I need a new impeller as one arm is off. After I pull the choke and the engine stops the red light comes on. No alarm, just the light. This is only after the engine has run.... I can turn off the key and turn it back on and red light is now on, start the engine and light goes off... is this correct?

I have no manual on the 33, going to see if I can find something on the 32 or 34.

thanks and happy 4th!!!!

Christian Williams

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The light indicates low/no oil pressure. It comes on when the ignition is on but the engine is not running. There should be a buzzer, too. It goes off when the engine develops oil pressure.

If the light/buzzer comes on when running, it means investigate immediately.

Sounds like you have a standard panel, probably with a replacement voltmeter (the factory installed an ammeter).

You can download an M25 manual on line.

One source: M25 Owners Manual.pdf


Yea, no buzzer? Maybe it was disconnected? I have never heard it? Where is it located? On the back of the panel.

also, I downloaded the manual to the boat operations from the 32. I think this is what I had referenced before and it did state that the buzzer will go off after the engine stops but the key remains on. It’s beeb 3 years since I have really spent any time on her and have been cleaning her up and enjoying a small amount of work over the last 6 weeks. I have always gone up and started the boat a couple times they out the seasons and checked on all the pumps.... but now we own her outright and I am just wanting to make sure I am not over looking something.

also: I am getting water in the bilge? I don’t know where from??
i have checked cockpit drain hoses,?thruhulls, shaft packing? I am drawing a blank and hope it’s not related to keel bolts?

funny thing is that the water stops in the bulge at the exact same place and I have about 10-14 gallons seeping in? I think it may be from the lumar sliding hatch, it has 3 holes in it.
Have had hose on deck, power washed it 3 times now!!!

But it rains hard hard every week

Kenneth K

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My '85 M25 (on an E32-3) never had a buzzer. I installed one this weekend, purchased from Amazon or Ebay for $2 or $3 a while back.

Note that if you add a buzzer, the light-blue wire that runs from the oil switch, through the wiring harness, to the oil pressure light is the ground ​wire. I just spliced into this wire for the buzzer's ground. For the buzzer's positive wire, I added a ring terminal and attached it to the same (+) post where the oil pressure light was powered (in my case, it was a positive post on the back of the water temp gauge, but any key-switched positive post would work).

Works like a charm.