Cover for interior light ('86 E-30+) needed


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Recently, I replaced the bulb on one of the interior lights on my '86 E-30+. I replaced the (incandescent) bulb with another low-wattage one, though it appeared to be somewhat brighter and therefore made the interior light cover a bit hotter than the origninal bulb, which was designated only as a "no. 93" bulb.

Over the weekend, a guest in our v-berth noticed that the light was no longer working. I saw that the bulb had burned out. Moreover, it had melted a hole through the plastic cover.

Of course, in the future I'll be smarter about getting the right bulb (though I'm not sure exactly what the wattage was on the original "93" bulb, or whether that's a standard number or some out-of-date part number).

My bigger concern, though, is replacing the cover. The cover is a 5 3/8" square off-white opaque plastic cover that has a bit more depth in the middle - it sort of looks like a nearly-flattened four-sided pyramid. It was produced by the Reflect-O-Lite company out of Chicago, model 520.

Does anyone know where I might find a replacement cover? I could change out the light itself (I'm not crazy about the fairly dim incandescent light versus halogen or even LED), but the rest of the lights and light covers are in good shape, so I'd like to keep the same light fixture for consistency's sake.

Thanks in advance for your help!