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Thank you Sean. We are currently playing Hermit. I think the next two weeks will tell us where this is going. Good luck to all of us!

Loren Beach

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Thanks Sean.
Surreal moment was a visit yesterday to a large grocery chain. Some odd shortages: TP and ..... eggs! !!
I can understand selling out hand sanitizer, but also all the shelves for "Chex" cold cereal were bare. Perhaps coronavirus affects the logic center of the brain first?


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The panic reaction to all crisis appears to be buy toilet paper in massive quantities. Coronavirus doesn't cause problems down there. Kleenex should be wiped out but the shelves were well stocked. One wonders what these people are thinking or maybe it's best not to. I just saw a picture of a woman checking out of a Walmart with a full grocery cart of eggs. Uh? Aren't those perishable?

Gary Holford

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I think in times of distress for some individuals the anus takes charge after the brain has shut down. That's why during or near death involuntary defecating is quite common.
On a happy note the Spring Equinox occurs at 11:50PM, Thursday Mar 19.

Christian Williams

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Yacht Club Restrictions begin. Here's California Yacht Club. No guests allowed inside.

Restrictions and Availability of Club Amenities

The Clubhouse will be open during regular business hours.

The management team at CYC will remain scheduled and are available to assist you.

Dining room, banquet and bar service will be suspended except for takeout orders listed on the Commissary Menu.

The CYC Commissary service will continue to offer take-out orders, slip delivery and curbside pickup from 11:eek:0 a.m. to 8:eek:0 p.m. Wednesdays through Sunday.

Gatherings of 10 or more people will not be allowed. Maintain proper social distancing of at least 6 feet where possible.

The paddle tennis courts, and pool will remain open.

On-the-water spring rowing and sailing practices will continue and are managed in small groups.

Curtis Wagner, our Dockmaster, and our dock staff are scheduled during regular operating hours.

No front gate attendant will be scheduled; members must use their membership cards for access.

Guests of members will not be allowed in the Clubhouse.

Alan Gomes

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Toilet paper was last week's thing. Apparently this week the rush is on for guns and ammunition. Perhaps to guard the TP hoard?
Maybe ten miles off shore would be more comfortable...
I've got a 5-year supply of TP on my vessel squirreled away in cunningly concealed compartments. They can have that TP when they pry it from my cold, dead fingers.

Molon labe!

Rick R.

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We’ve been through many disasters here on the Gulf Coast with hurricanes so we are pretty used to hunkering down and being isolated for long periods of time. Just told my wife yesterday of that wonderful moment after a hurricane (sometimes many days later) when the electricity gets restored. That moment when you realize all is well and we are getting back on track. I am looking forward to that moment when there is some good news about a treatment or vaccine. For now, we plan to go sailing. Oh, and I just closed our 1200 member Elks Lodge on Tuesday yet our beaches are overrun with kids on spring break from all over the world in groups of way more than 10. Nuts!
After sailing, back to the studio to complete three albums worth of
Stay safe all!


What amazes me is our overall resilience, and above all, sense of humor in response to adversity. Got this as an email today and there might be truth in it down the road.

John opened the LAST pack of toilet paper his parents bought in 2020!”

...At the least, WE have a passion/hobby that can go on mostly unaffected by this virus. (Residing at the moment in a house with a view of a totally empty superb country club golf course.)

Tin Kicker

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There'll be plenty of uses for all of the left over wipes. Gas pump handles for example.


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I’ve been working in the Health Department Operations Center answering press questions about available ventilators and test kits and fatalities for the past two weeks. Today the notice came that the boat yard is shutting down. Now it’s serious.


I’ve been working in the Health Department Operations Center answering press questions about available ventilators and test kits and fatalities for the past two weeks. Today the notice came that the boat yard is shutting down. Now it’s serious.

Here at the Ford Yacht Club on Grosse Ile, MI the clubhouse is shut down (other than take-out), all social functions are canceled BUT (so far) we can still work on readying our boats for Spring Launch.

We’re lucky to have an enormous sized yard so boats aren’t as crowded as with most marinas. (Club grounds are largest in Michigan - if not the country.) We’re also, of course, instructed to keep at least 6’ between us while in the yard. Keeping my fingers crossed and praying for things to get better soon!


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Newport Harbor is open and until I find a new boat of my own, I have a club membership and we are being encouraged to use our boats solo or with family members we live with.

My wife has asthma - so she is high risk, so I will probably spend some time wiping down all the surfaces before she comes aboard. Can you use 75% alcohol on stainless steel ? :).. Never had to think about these things before. I feel like Howard Hughes (but without all the money).


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Yes. All the biosafety cabinets are stainless steel and we wipe them down all day with bleach, lysol, alcohol, etc. I like to alternate sterilants so residues don't build up. The alcohol (95%) is mostly used to flame-sterilize the tools, not so much for wiping down.