Creating a 1/24 Scale Half Hull of our E32-II


Ever since purchasing our E32-II in ’73, I’ve always wanted to get or at least try and make a half hull model. Sadly, I’ve never come across a set of hull lines to create an accurate hull model with. HALLELUJAH!!! ...My son recently surprised me with a beautiful 1/24 scale hull made of solid resin casting and was finished in a fantastic smooth white paint, green stripes and bottom paint. (below)

half hull 1.jpg

As with most half hull models, it was just the hull so did not have the cabin top on it or any other details. I decided to take it a step further by using a plan and side view drawing of our boat to take it to the next level. I was able to create (close enough) the cabin top, toe and rub rail for it. The cabin top was done with Basswood which was soft, smooth and easy to work with.

half hull4.jpg
half hull 3.jpg
(Still lots of detailing and finish work to be done!)

It’s still a work in progress and I’m currently in the process of creating the mast and boom. I’ll display it as a cutter rig using a sheet of sail repair that has a sticky backing to it. I’m including an image to give an idea of what it should (hopefully) look like. (It was done with only PowerPoint and a photograph so is a bit crude but will still give you an idea. Cabin windows/ports WILL BE more accurate on the actual model as well as the real placards.)

Originally, we weren’t sure what to mount it all on but have now decided it fitting/rightful to mount the half hull on a remaining piece of our original mahogany bulkhead from when we replaced them all. Most of the bulkheads were recycled back into other projects on the boat and I couldn’t come to terms with simply throwing that one last piece away. (Sure glad now I didn’t!)
Ericson 32 Half Hull Layout2.jpg

I’ll be posting additional images as it progresses. IF anyone is interested, let me know and I can provide the contact for the person who did the half hull itself.


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That looks fantastic!

And, yes, I'd love the contact info. I've been wanting to get a half-model of the 32-III, but can't find anyone who has the lines.


Amazing. Of COURSE you should post who did the half hull, are you just taunting us?
Not really...just waiting on the contact info from my son. Soon as I get it, I’ll post it for sure.
Thanks for the compliments everyone. :egrin:
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Wish I had one for our Olson...
Thanks Loren, soon as I get that contact info I WILL be posting it for all of you.

No doubt this person probably does more than the traditional (King) Ericson boats as well as other classics (???).

Just awaiting my son’s reply (hopefully sooner than later).
-kerry (kapnkd)