downwind where the mainsail meets the spreader


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Hey gang. This is something i should know better but i sail headsail only alot and dont go full canvas very often due to the abundant wind in the SF bay. I singlehand alot and enjoy not bouncing like a ping pong ball in the cockpit while trying to be octopus. In the lighter wind in the fall I've been working on my mainsail trim and having 8 arms. I noticed this last week I'm way too far out on the trim and the sail makes steady contact at the top spreader. This pic here is laughable with the battens bending backwards. insert eye roll emoji here. i tried to find a balance between the boom far enough out and the sail touching the spreader. i fear to much contact will eventually provide a hole in the sail. Is the solution more vang? Any advice would be appreciated.


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"Doctor, my arm hurts when i do this. Doctor: Don't do that".
Sorry, I couldn't help myself. Don't sheet out so much. You can only sail so deep downwind.

Guy Stevens

All of the above, plus the fact that you boat is going to sail and feel a lot better in a deep reach versus a run.
Dead Down Wind rarely is the fastest point of sail to get there.


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Tension the vang to flatten the main. Then ease the mainsheet until the sail just touches the spreader. You can ease a bit more, depending on how much you like your sail and are comfortable risking some chafe and shortening the life. But in no case should you ease so much that the spreader tips are pushing against the sail.