Drawer hardware Help Needed

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Many of our boats were equipped with Delta Glide 100 sliding drawer hardware. Cheap stuff, but it worked. Many useful threads.

But Delta is now out of business, and forum sources of the originals (Rockler among them) no longer available. The big plastic Delta piece is easy to find, Home Depot has them.

But has anyone found the rail end cap? Several of mine are broken. I may have to make my own.

Delta Glide 100 rail stop.JPG...drawer end cap MG_7788.JPG


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It's been a few years since I last looked at this but I think you can still find suitable replacement parts on Amazon.

I went a different direction in an attempt to improve the drawers. I installed Blum undermount soft close slides. They are beautiful and give undeniable satisfaction every time you close them. They're next to perfection....until you beat to wind in 25+ knots. Slamming into waves easily overcomes the 5lb opening force and you end up with your wife and kids yelling at you while they play Twister trying to secure everything. Of course I didn't realize this until after I decided the first two worked well enough to purchase replacement slide for every other drawer on the boat. I even relocated my battery charger to behind the nav desk drawers which requires side mount slides for access to the charger. I'm fully committed to the slides now, so I'm currently looking for latches that hold the draws closed while still allowing the slides soft close feature to work. Yes, I remember you suggesting child latches as a simple solution. Hindsight, once again, is 20/20

Ericson knew what they were doing and I shouldn't try to improve on something that works.


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I made on out of a piece of nylon plastic. Easy peasy


My son is buying a 3D printer so we may need to start making stuff like this.

Christian Williams

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Thanks, Trickd, I ordered a few. They may fit, hard to tell.

And it looks like it would be easy to use a cut-down of the old discarded Delta slides for the same purpose, as rail sockets.