E-25 Sleeved Mast Success Story

Rob Hessenius

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After a long winter of mast repair, my boat finally went under wind power this weekend. I will admit I stared at the mast all day and listened to every creak that the boat made. I lost a total of 5" off the height. Total cost of the project was a few doolars shy of $600, all in materials. The pain in the butt was shortening up all the standing rigging. There was plenty of room to give with all of my sails and halyards. I plan on doing a write up on the whole repair job, but I think I might wait till the water turns to ice again.

Here are a few pictures of the mast.


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Rob, what is the tan goop they smeared on the insert before assembling?

BTW, that section of the mast is much stronger than any other part now.

Rob Hessenius

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Tim~ Its some West Systems epoxy with some #406 added for adhesion. I know that it is stronger than the old stick, but its still wierd mentally. I guess Im lucky that the sleeve is located at the spreaders, versus having a stiff spot somewhere else. I got the idea from a Southerly 35 that was from the factory with a sleeved mast.