E-26 New Owner Questions


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just got a 26' sail boat and know nothing about it i have had power boats would love to learn sailing can anyone please give me pointers its in my driveway now i have no owners manual not sure how to find one online thanks

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Hope you don't mind, but I moved your post to a new thread, since it did not seem related to the thread where it appeared.
What model and year of boat do you have? Ericson?
Do you have some specific questions?

Note that the smaller Ericsons have a lot of information here in prior threads and also in the Resources area.

Welcome to the group!


Loren Beach

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Your title might show the info.
"Ericson 26" for instance.
Does your state issue titles and also registrations?

Next look on the outside of the transom for the HIN.

That HIN identification will also appear somewhere inside, cast into the surface of one of the fiberglass moldings. On our '88 model it appears on the top of the rear part of the quarter berth surface.



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Is it named Goin' Rogue by any chance? ;) If not you have a twin Ericson in your neighborhood, drop him a line.

Looks like he posted the boat you have when it was for sale.


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Looks like there are THREE in GSL!

The Ericson 26 ad Tim (Goin' Rogue) posted for sale and sold at GSL was an '85 series 200 deep keel version, NOT the later '88 series 300 the poster has. It was on a trailer so it could have been moved somewhere else (the lake is VERY shallow these days for the 5 foot draft). If it's still at the lake, you guys could start a one design class out in GSL! Mark


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Gsl e26

I have been talking to the couple who bought the 85 on the trailer. They have painted the bottom and are having the standing rigging checked, and general waxing etc. Looks like they are going to stay on GSL.

I have PMd krash98. Glad to help him get going if he would like, and he is welcome to come sail on Goin' Rogue to see what its like. Tim