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I'm not sure about 1980 hatches. However, the later 80s Ericsons had Lewmar hatches. Unfortunately, the new Lewmar hatches are not interchangeable with the earlier models. Fortunately, there's company - Slect Plastics - in CT that is an authorized Lewmar repair facility (I think they rebuild most any hatches). I pulled the three leaking, crazed hatches off our '87 E34 and sent them to Select. The results were spectacular at roughtly half the cost of replacement. A quick search on this website should provide some additional info on hatch replacement/repair. You can reach Select Plastics at 203 866-3767 or the website - www.selectplastics.com. Tony D'Andrea was great to work with.

Jamie Babcock

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Replacement frame and hatch for 1982 Ericson 30+

Previous onwer removed and installed roof top AC unit which now needs to be removed. Original frame and hatch are lost. Any suggestion as to a replacement frame/hatch new or used?




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My 1985 30+ has the original Lewmar Superhatch, which was superceded by the Lewmar Rollstop and then the current Lewmar Ocean 70 model. Mine has the "flat" base, not the "flange" base. The Ocean 70 is pricey, even when on sale...


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I repaired my own Superhatch as seen in the pictures. The largest cost was the plastic from a local plastic dealer. After removing the frame, I brushed it and painted it with zinc chromate and covered that with a can of Suzuki engine paint. The plastic was bedded with Dow Corning 795.IMG_3461.jpgIMG_3460.jpg787.jpg788.jpg A couple weeks of work, but it beat new or even the rebuild price.


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If doing them yourself wasn't in your plans I would strongly recommend going to Select Plastics www.selectplastics.com. They replaced the glass using the existing frames so there wasn’t an issue with the fit. In addition the put in new handles so I can now open them from above.<o:p></o:p>
They also cut new porthole glass to match the hatches so the boat now has a more even light.

Well worth it for me. <o:p></o:p>


Jamie Babcock

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1982 Ericson 30 Plus salon hatch

Thanks for all the replies. I need the entire hatch and frame. I am not trying to replace the lens just want to know what the original frame and size was? I measured the inside of the opening at 23.5" X 23.5".


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Finding the close-enough fit

You may want to do some research on hatches to fit that cut-out size. Don't forget that you can go up or down maybe a 1/4" per side, maybe perhaps.
Here's one possibility, the model XR-300: http://www.atkinshoyle.com/xr.html

I would start looking at Bomar, Bomon, Skandvik (?), Moonlight, etc.