E-39B Shower Drain/Chain Locker Drain

Mike Tinder

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Glyn you asked if my head pan fitting/drain leads to anything in the bilges like a sump or collection tank and no it does not and did not come with one either. Sven our shower curtain drapes over the toilet seat, we get nothing wet in the head but the shower pan. I guess that I got lucky putting in the drain line because in slid right down the small opeing in front of the water tank and then straight back to the bilge sump. Sven I planned the shower drain and chain locker drain together, I only wanted one 1 1/4" Line running aft to the 4 foot sump. We carry 285 feet of 5/16" HT Chain and I wanted it to go as low in the boat as I could possibly get it to go. Since I wanted the chain to go so low (under the v-berth) that meant that I could not put in those drains you see in chain lockers where they just drill a hole in the hull of the boat, even with the bottom of the chain locker and then they put those stainless vent covers over them. What I did was cut the bottom of the chain locker bulkhead off from inside the chain locker. Then I glassed the foot of the v-berth bed back to the chain locker bulkhead. Now I had a one square foot hole in the bottom of my chain locker. Now my anchor rode could go into the first cuppy hole at the foot of the v-berth. In that first small cuppy hole under the v-berth is where I glassed in a fitting that I attached my chain locker drain line too. I ran that 20 or so feet of hose all the way back to the 4 foot sump under the engine. When I put in the shower drain I just added a tee to the chain locker drain hose and attached my shower drain. So my shower drain line is only 3 feet long because it attaches to the chain locker drain. So now my chain locker stays extremely dry and is very easy to clean, my anchor rode weight is just below the water line, my shower drains like a champ with the big hose, and all that bilge area we have for stowage on the E-39B stays 100% dry and all done with just one hose. Hope this helps.


Is your v-berth extra raised ?


I had wished to run the chain into the first compartment behind the chain locker as you describe, but as you can see in the picture below there is no way to get the 1 sq. ft. hole you mention. I'd be surprised if we could fit a 2" diameter hole between the chain locker and the first storage compartment under the v-berth.

I have considered raising the v-berth to get the need space to route the chain and also get an additional few inches of space at the foot on the bunk, but so far it has only been daydreaming.

Getting the chain out of the bow and more foot room would be wonderful.

How did you get the space for the chain cut-out ?




Mike Tinder

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Sorry I could not get back sooner. Give me a few days and I will see if it is possible to take some pictures. It is not exactly a 1 square foot hole, but hopefully you will see it is plenty of room to get the chain thru. I probally have a 180 feet or so under the v-berth and the rest is in the bottom of the chain locker. So the chain can pile up enough to plug that hole up that I made beteween the two lockers, as chain does not like to slide to much, but I gotta tell ya its a great set up because if I need to get all the chain weight down low I can, Other wise I just keep my 100 feet or so up in the locker for local anchoring. I will get pictures.